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Charles Fort's Poltergeist

Comfortably Numb

Aug 7, 2018
Came across the following - maybe of interest?

Charles Fort (1874-1932) the famed collector of anomalies was the centre of one himself….

By Alan Murdie

"So might begin many personal accounts of poltergeist activity. But this one was different. The words are those of Charles Fort himself, published in his last book Wild Talents (1932). Curiously, although long acknowledged as a pioneering collector of poltergeist cases little attention has been given to Fort’s own claim of witnessing phenomena himself.

The events he observed and wrote about were nowhere near as dramatic as the cases detailed in his books. But they deserve attention since they led to Fort posing a theory about the causes of poltergeist activity which was well ahead of its time, certainly as regards what was being published by the psychical researchers of his day".


thanks for that, what a delight to read some new Fortean info about the man himself