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El Chupacabra Article at HowStuffWorks

Hello all. I found an accidental link to a new article with new pictures on the Chupacabara this morning at HowStuffWorks. You can't get to it from a regular link but the article still exists at http://www.howstuffworks.com/chupacabra.htm.

Weird. :rolleyes:
Can anybody else get to this link? - I'm getting
The requested URL /chupacabra.htm. was not found on this server.
Does anyone know what has happened to the chupacabras? It has got to be my favorite little mystery creature, but I havn't heard anything about it for ages?
apparently they have went away.. people think that they have eitherbeen killed out or finally become exstinct and other people think that they have gotten into theyre space ships and flew off to where they came from.
Just as a matter of interest does anyone know how far back the legend of the chupacabra goes?? i.e are they present in ancient history just like nessie ufos and big foot?
Where is the 'sucker ?

The Chupacabras still seems to be active although reports are coming in from all over the place. A lot of it seems to be connected to the cultural beliefs though but the reports seem to go back quite a few years. Once again though, something only seems more active once the press get hold of it.
I think the eye-witness reports are very interesting but I don't believe the animal to be alien, but supernatural is another thing. The legend has been created but updates are scarce - locals believe that the 'things' live in the cave systems but Puerto Rico seems genuinely weird anyway - read Timothy Goods latest book UNEARTHLY DISCLOSURE.
I quite fancy a jaunt into those caves you mentioned...see if I can't bag one of those critters and bring it back. While I'm down there, it might be an iidea to try and get 'el Cobra Grande', too...
and dinosaurs, no doubt...I'm looking for the obligatory inept, screaming woman, absent minded scientist, etc...
I think there's a good bit of chupa and UFO activity in northern and central Chile right now.
Ta very much

I'll look out for that book - I actually had a bit of a brush with fame in the form of Timothy Good. I was going to do a project on the Abduction phenonemon and was going to meet him to pick his brains. After a few phone calls and a dissapointing number of "abductees" he called off our meeting - other commitments.

I suppose it was more of a slight comb rather than a brush!
Does anyone think there could be a link between the Jersey Devil and the chupacabra? I read somewhere that many of the modern day Jersey Devil accounts are similar if not identical to chupacabra accounts.

I must add i dont think there is a link between UFO/Aliens and chupacabras, unless it could be some form of alien dogs that one of the poor little greys forgot to chain up to his flying saucer.
Supposed Chupa Photo

I've seen this photo thrown around on several websites, with different sites reporting it coming from different areas. Can't seem to find a straight answer about it, but the relative consensus seems to be that this is the dreaded chupacabra, after meeting the front end of a dreaded Lincoln Continental.
Very probably fake.

The website belongs to Ricky2002, whos name you may have seen on these boards a few times.

He's a Troll of the highest order, and not to be trusted. Visit a thread about him in the Chat topic, I think.

He also posted some comments on that site about members of these boards, I was one of them. The comments were less-than-complimentary.
Yes, I'm quite aware of ricky's reputation, but that's not his photo. I've seen it numerous times before on much more *ahem cough* serious sites. I think the animal in question is quite real, but could just as possibly be a dead chow as a dead chupacabra.
The page won't work for me, but I know the pic your talking about. I've seen it on the web before.

It does look like a dog, but kinda reminds of a Tazmanien Devil. I don't think its a Chupa, but that it is a new species of something.
First Chupa Attack on Human


photos of the injuries would be interesting...

Also there seems to be a lot of other weird stuff going on in the area - underground fires, lights in the sky that might be UFOs... Could be film material, the Latin American equivalent to the Mothman Prophecies, or at least a good X Files episode (if the different things are assumed to be conected, im not sure if the article is implying they are or just forteana that happened to be in that area).

Anyway, this seems to be the closest encounter of a human and a Chupacabra yet. They might even be able to do DNA analysis...
I dont think it is the first, i can remember watching sightings and some mexican guy said he had been grabbed by something from behind and when eventually it let go it ran off and he turned to see what he thought was a half monkey half hedghog looking creature with spikes coming out of its back, he said it was the chupacabra.
I might be going to Puerto Rico for a few months, I guess I should be worried.
Don't worry, Xan.

Rense is only recycled Art Bell without the attention.

Go there and spend your dollars, despite what the International Star Registry and gold-hoarding sponsers might say.
I might be spending a lot of time in the rainforest there, which I guess is the most likely place to encounter the chupacabras.
Well, Xan, if you go there, you have a possibility of discovering a new bird or insect in the rain forest. They are being found every day. That fits the definition of cryptozoology, too. It might not be as sexy as a chupacabra, but at least you'll get your name in Latin:

Well, in order to find a new species, I would have to find out what ones are there already. And I have no idea, so not much chance.
Well, not what I was going there for. But it is annoying you need a biology degree or so to be able to find new species.
Oh Dear lord!!

This has become ogopo/xanatic Conversation!!! *shudders*