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Gone But Not Forgotten
Aug 2, 2002
I’m off to Cuba soon, and will do the usual touristy stuff, Che’s birthplace, Havana, cigars, Fidels beard, etc.

But does anyone know anything about Fortean Cuba? Anybody been there?

Does the Haitian voodoo thing happen on Cuba?

Any myths, legends, interesting stuff gratefully recieved.
In the '70s there was a sighting of a smiling woman with outstretched arms standing on the water of Cuba Bay. This was taken to be the BVM. (Interestingly enough, one CIA idea to try and spook the 'godless' Cubans was to project religious images into that area. AFAIK it never took place...)
The Cuban version of 'voudou' is called Santeria, and there is a lot of it about. These days you can probably get initiated for a few dollars. There's a museum in Havana with a lot of Afro-Cuban stuff which is well worth seeing if you're into that kind of thing ((it's also got a bizarre collection of gifts to El Jefe from assorted foreign governments))

The interior ministry museum in Havana is also worth a visit - lots of stuff from the CIA's assorted efforts to destabilise the place.

Apart from that, see if you can find a Chupacabra. As far as I can tell, it's the only place in the area where they haven't been reported. Verrry suspicious...