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Dog-Headed Man

Road to Innsmouth

Fresh Blood
Feb 25, 2020
Hi everyone,

I hope you are all keeping safe at the strange time?
I remember reading sometime ago that during the Hexham heads flap that at one point the researcher or archaeologist or whoever that was keeping the stones woke one night after being disturbed to find a dog headed man in their house.

Was this related to any spate of local sightings or a complete one off, seems strange that is what you think you saw without any priming from other sources.

Many thanks guys and gals
There was some sort of connection between the Hexham Heads and tales of a were-creature / werewolf that allegedly appeared to or haunted one or more parties involved with the heads. I don't recall the details.

I suspect this is what you're remembering.

I'd suggest you check the main Hexham Heads thread for clues to the separate were-creature / werewolf storyline.