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Aug 9, 2001
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While reading a BBC History Magazine article about the American Civil War by David Sanger, l noted a mention by him of a mythical wild woman of the US woods. He refers to her as Dzoonokwa.

A quick Google brings up a short Wikipedia article referring to her as Dzunukwa; also Tsonoqua, Tsonokwa and Basket Ogress.

“She is venerated as a bringer of wealth, but is also greatly feared by children, because she is also known as an ogress who steals children and carries them home in her basket to eat.

Her appearance is that of a naked, black in colour, old monster with long pendulous breasts. She is also described as having bedraggled hair. In masks and totem pole images she is shown with bright red pursed lips because she is said to give off the call "Hu!" It is often told to children that the sound of the wind blowing through the cedar trees is actually the call of Dzunuḵ̓wa.”

A cryptid of which l haven’t previously heard.

maximus otter