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Nice story of a very nasty polt here.

It's an interesting case in that it appears to have been triggered by the attempted rape of the primary experiencer, Esther Cox, and follow her around.
There's also a curious ending to the tale,

"At first she moved to a neighbor's house, but the poltergeist followed and she was forced to return home. The Teed's landlord, fearing the destructive nature of the phenomena, wanted to evict the family. Again taking responsibility for the events, Esther moved herself out instead, finding work at a nearby farm. When the farm's barn burned to the ground, however, the farmer had Esther arrested for arson, for which she was convicted to a four-month sentence.

Fortunately, Esther served only one month in jail and was released. The short sentence may have at first seemed like a low-point to the much-troubled Esther, but it did have its upside. After she was freed from jail, the poltergeist activity seemed to just fade away. There were minor instances for a short time, and then the haunting stopped completely."

Seems to be a good example of Esther herself being the cause (if not by deception) rather than a malevolent spirit.
It doesn't suprise me if she was responsible for the poltergeist. She had gone through such trauma, and probably carried a great deal of guilt and self-hate. A majority of, although not all, cases are centered around troubled people. Perhaps it's a form of self harm?