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FT262 June 2010 Needed by Fortean ex-Pat in Canadia


still speeding
Oct 23, 2005
hi all ... i am currently in toronto canada due to the ever outwardly-spiralling chaos of my life which is starting to resemble a ripleys believe-it-or-not ... when i first arrived here i was unable to find an FT seller for a long time and wound up missing issue #262 from last June ... i now have a regular supplier and even managed to score the it happened to me book but i am still without #262

can anyone help a fortean brother out ... i can pay for the magazine and shipping ... up front to a trusted board member if need be ... thanks all
Don't they do back issues any more? Have you tried that?
when i spoke to the lady at dennis about the it-happened-to-me book (which has me on like the second page ! that was weird ) she said they didnt have any back numbers at all and referred me to amazon which i cant turn anything up that way either ... the completist in me is going to struggle to come to terms with this ... i havent missed an issue since i bought my first one
I'll have a look here, then. ;)
I'll see if we have one in the office, although after the recent clear out it's not hugely likely
thank you man ... that all worked out well ... and how sad and strange to read f. gwynplaine macintyres letter about the day the music died a year later ... i thought for a moment that might have been his last letter to ft but it wasnt quite ...