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Ghost investigations on UK Horizons

Ooh, looks pretty good, thanks for letting us know ;)

Doubt that there'll be much to see, but here's hoping :)
the new ghost hunt

it looks like a couple of tv channels are going a bit fortean on us ive seen an ad on sky for horisons who are going to be hunting and searching for ghost's soon live on tv and then lo and behold tonight when i was looking at the main fortean site i came across this

any one like to have a bit of a prediction of what the results of both of the investigations will yeild?


my bet is the one on horisons (who may need viewers) will find something and the sci-fi channel who get a decent figure of viewers will not find anything although im sure it will be avid watching
ghost stuff on t.v

Don't know what it'll be like but on friday 26 oct starting at 9pm is a night of ghost stuff-featuring varies programmes-ending at 12 with something called ghostwatch-the spoof from a few years back i'm not so sure -but worth a watch-maybe
ghost T.V NIGHT

What channel?


Just noticed the new thread :| - UK Horizons

Did anyone else watch the ghost nights on UK Horizon?
If so did you like me, think the the ghost hunters were worst I'd ever seen.
They couldn't tell the difference between dust and ghosts. And no-one seems to have told them about lens flare.
I am quite willing to believe well done investigations but this lot were a bunch of cowboys!
Wish I'd been there. I could have done a better job.
ive got to agree i watch some of it on friday night and the guy who was presenting was doing a poor job (the way he was talking you'd have thought that he was an actor lol) it could have been so much better though

I hope your talking aout the guy who did the live bit and not the god and wonder that is Tom Baker:)
liveinabin said:
I hope your talking aout the guy who did the live bit and not the god and wonder that is Tom Baker:)

Yeah, anyone who insults Tom Baker gets EXTERMINATED!
who the hell were those two 'large' people walking around and crying a lot? you know the man and woman who thought they had channeled william shakespere..

there would have been two more murders in the White Hart if i was there!
Yes ! I saw that too... and thought those ghost hunters were a bit naff - my bloke even threatened to turn it off when that woman started burping all over the place !

The only two good things about it were Tom Baker (saw him a while ago actually when I was out shopping with my Auntie), and getting to have a look around the inside of Pengerswick Castle... as I often drive by it and wonder what sinister goings on are happening within it's walls !!

Weirdly, I've just been approached by a chap scouting for suitable locations for a new set of investigations in this series, and he's submitted my youth hostel for consideration. He came round on Sunday. As luck would have it, the place was full of live-action role-playing vampires, and when I opened the door of the haunted panelled room, I found that they'd shoved the beds out of the way, stuck a dirty great big pentagram on the floor and put candles and sheeps skulls all over the place:D

He showed me some photos, which were boringly mostly of those orb thingies, and his compass went bezerk at various points in the house. Apparently he got on to me because someone reported seeing a white figure in an upstairs window (given the room in question, I'd say it was likely to be a primary school group leader in her nightie), but there's certainly one area of the house that seems to be ghosty - things have been seen and heard by quite a few people.

What do you think? Should I let them do a ghostwatch?
casio said:

Well, there's always the possibility that my bosses in Matlock might object, though I can't see why! My ops manager hasn't responded with yay or nay yet, and he's buggered off on holiday for a fortnight, so I think I'll contact the marketing department on Monday and point out that it could be a nice bit of publicity;)

Tell you what though, I was here the other night on my own, and it's bloody creepy! The staff duty room is in the haunted part of the building too, and whilst lying in bed I was very aware of every creak and thud:eek!!!!: These old buildings make a lot of noise don't they?
i saw it and could of been better if they broadcasted all night like the internet