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'Ghost Video' On Art Bell's Site



This was posted on Art Bell's site reccently:

Don't get too excited, it's obviously a smudge on the car window that the video was shot through. (I'm a professional cameraman, I can tell these things;) ) I emailed Art with this explanation and another cameraman called in to his show to give the same exact explanation. Of course Art could not buy this obvious explanation and said that this would be a "controversial" piece of video that people would "be talking about for a long time" etc., etc., blah, blah......
Oh well, Art is usually good for a few laughs, but that's about it:rolleyes: .......

If you view the film, frame by frame, you can actually see that it is a mark on the windscreen, as in one frame it is almost completely in focus.

Art Bell, ladies and gentlemen, a legend in his own right. Or left, depending on the angle from which you view him.
Heh heh that video is great ..... I don't think i would have been fooled for a minute even if I hadn't read this thread (you CAN see the smear in focus on the windscreen at a couple of points in the clip quite easily) - it is still quite a good effect, especially at the start where "the figure" "emerges" from the trees ..... of course, for me, something not being a supernatural phenomenon does not preclude fortean interest .... if it was a deliberate fake (which I doubt) who faked it and, in heaven's name, why?
And if it was recorded by chance with the person using the camera unaware of it at the time, what the hell were they doing filming driving down a rather dull looking road anyway, and how did the obvious explanation escape them?
And what, conspiracy buffs, is Mr Bell's dark agenda? Oh, to maintain and further his reputation and audience as America's "top" "weirdness" "journalist", of course. Doh!
It's almost paranormally poor!

It is so clearly a mark on the windscreen for longer than it is a 'ghostly' image.

Bless Art Bell and his ways.