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Ghosts and Electricity



We have been having a number of unexplained occurances over the past few weeks. Most seem to be based on electricity.

Clock time has changed. Alarms reset for a never used time. Computer turned on. Clock that had not worked for months restarted.

Can anyone throw some light on these matters?
On exactly the same note, a few weeks ago our computer started itself up spontaneously whislt we were snoozing one Saturday morning - the noise of the fan woke us up (it is exceptionally loud!) as the screen crackled into life...the thing is kept on at the socket but always shut down at night, and has nothing around it which could have accidentally pressed the on/off switch. It was fairly new at the time (to us, it's second hand) but hasn't done anything else interesting since. we're almost disappointed...
It's not extraterrestrials, is it? Close encounters with ufos often involve electrical abnormalities.
As for your PC, it's nothing unusual. My 'rents pc started doing this at some point. A few hours after it's powered down it just starts right back up again. It has something to do with the way newer pc's handle the power. They don't actually turn off anymore unless unplugged... it's more like a sleep mode, and apparently it has it's flaws.

As for the clocks, that's pretty weird.
A few months ago, I was waken up at 4:00 am by the sound of my scanner scanning a picture I leaved inside, while the computer was turned off. It kept scanning over and over until I unplugged it. I wonder if it may be caused but some electronic failure, but I found it very strange...

Paul Andrew Lee

(sorry about my poor english)
Computers turning on by themselves... My one done this for ages until I realised ther is a menu item in the BIOS which forces the PC to turn on when the modem is activated. Every time somebody called the modem line (bloody phone sales people) the computer turned on. Before that I was blaming the cats. As for the scanner and clocks , maybe strange fluctuations in the mains dipping or rising above the acceptable voltages? Saying that ghosts have been reported to affect many things including electricity so maybe it's not such a bad area to research.