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Ghosts in Indonesia



This is a picture I got off the art bell page. This picture was taken in Indonesia in the Tanggamus Mountains. I think it's honestly a real ghost here, no photo shop evidence, it's not a camera anomaly, and it doesn’t look like it's double exposure. So what do you think?

I get the feeling that it's a fake in some way, tho' I'm no expert. However, it does look pretty scary. The ghost doesn't look Indonesian, though, more Indian.

I've visited Indonesia several times - the people there are great believers in spirits and ghosts(Indonesian word is hantu - it's just part of the normal scheme of things for them.

My husband worked out there for several years. He told me that one of the houses he lived in was haunted. He would sometimes feel a presence in the room with him and once or twice even saw, out of the corner of his eye, the figure of a middle aged Indonesian man. Now, my husband is very down to earth and not at all given to flights of fancy, so I'm inclined to believe he experienced something.

I'm sure there are some clever people here who could fake a picture like this, anyone care to try?
That reminds me of something that my best mate told me... about her aunty who lived in Indonesia (one of the isles) and it kinds sends chills down my spine...

Her Aunty, lived in this house (pretty modern indonesia house) with her husband and two little children... the children was off at grandparents', and both was alone, to celebrate their anniversary. Just as they were about to go to sleep, they heard a huge BOOM and saw brillant flashes around the house. They didn't dare to venture out of their bedroom... so they fell asleep eventually, and woke in the morning. They went into the living room, only to find the floor covered in snake skins. The doors were locked, same as the windows, and even the skylight, as there was the crime rate in Indonesia... they couldn't find an explaination for all the snake skins strewn over their living room floor. They didn't want to check the snake skins away - because of myths and taboos in the Indonesia mythology - they see snakes as a very intense symbol, and so on forth... but it's quite unerving....