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Ghosts of Victims of Serial Killers


Gone But Not Forgotten
Sep 11, 2001
I wonder if anyone knows of hauntings by the victims of serial killers. We hear so much of the murderers themselves...Do their victims linger on?

The stories I usually hear concern victims who have a much more personal entanglement with their killers...spouses, jilted lovers, etc.

Would that link in life lead to a stronger link in death?

I read quite recently that the detestable Fred West believed that he was visited by the ghosts of his victims.
Yes, but didn't West have brain damage?

Then again, there's the research that says all "thrill" killers have brain damage...

Yes, West was certainly brain-damaged. His missus isn't though, and I've not heard about anyone haunting her.

I would hope that the Wests' victims, and murder victims generally, might be at peace in death. (And yes, that was a genuine, heartfelt prayer, folks.)

Though if anyone murdered me I'd haunt the bastard to Hell and back.

I've read on a link from FT that people are 'seeing' lights in the area of the twin towers, as if the buildings are still there.