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Girl Wins Right To Be Cyrogenically Frozen


Justified & Ancient
Jul 30, 2003

I don't know if Fortean news stories is the place for this item..mainstream news? New science?...but I thinks its relatively appropriate.

Leaving the poor,unnamed, girl in the court case to one side the whole principle of cryonics seems to me preposterous.

Leaving aside the practical medical issues of freezing and and unfreezing the person, the issues that make it sound like a nonstarter to me are:

Aside from future science curing whatever it was that killed you they would also have to find a cure for actually being dead..since you're not frozen while you're still alive, after all!

The companies who you're giving your money too, you have to imagine, must continue to operate, financially and practically hundreds of years into the future...what are the chances of that happening? And what would be their motive once your immediate heirs have gone, not to to switch you off and turf you out to save space and energy for new customers?

Given the ever increasing population of the world, what would be the motive of thsi future sci fi society for filling it up even further with past generations of dead people? One person, maybe two, as an experiment perhaps..but as one of many frozen customers why would the future give a damn about bringing YOU back to eat up their resources?

Then there's the altogether more fortean question of what if all this stuff that fascinates us abou ghosts, NDES, religious apparitions, death bed visions, mediums etc, indicates what it claims to..that we have souls which vacate the body? In that situation, would the same person "come back"?
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