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Greeks Rally Against Biometric ID Card Plan

maximus otter

Recovering policeman
Aug 9, 2001
Thousands of Greeks rallied in Athens on Sunday against the impending introduction of biometric ID cards, denouncing what they see as a move towards a surveillance society.

“No to electronic slavery” and “democracy has referendums, fascism decrees,” were two common slogans at a rally which police put at 2,500 strong.

“We don´t want our personal data to be used,”, said one marcher, Dionysis Alexopoulos. “Perhaps with this new card they´ll be able to control our access to hospitals or other public places if for example we aren´t vaccinated,” he mused.

“This serious subject should be put to a referendum and not decided anti-democratically by the government,” said another marcher, Sofia Kanelopoulou.

The Greek government announced last week that the procedure for obtaining new identity cards would begin on September 25, noting Greece´s obligation to comply with European regulations on “strengthening the security” of ID documents.


maximus otter