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Ham House

Just got back from a thoroughly enjoyable visit.
Got the ghost guide from the shop:


and took many photos - especially of the main staircase, where an apparition has regularly been seen.
I didn't see or sense anything out of the ordinary though.


On coming down the stairs at the other side of the house though, there was an inexplicable cold spot near the end of the long corridor where the ancient leather buckets are hanging. It was a balmy 27 C outside and most of the rooms felt almost uncomfortably hot. This spot though was decidedly chilly when I first passed it. I went into the room on the right, which didn't contain much of interest. On exiting, I didn't notice the chill, but took this photo anyway.

This YouTube video about Ham House, which I watched last night, summarises the place's history and recounts some of the alleged hauntings.
Interestingly, one of the comments below the video on YT includes an anecdote from a guy remembering having a sleepover there with his cub scout group when he was 9 or 10. He writes "The long corridor leading from the servants quarters to the toilet seemed to have some sort of ghostly activity going on, as a few of my friends came out of there running, and some crying about a seeing or hearing a ghost." I wonder if that could be the same spot where I felt a sudden temperature drop yesterday?