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Haunted IPad


Justified & Ancient
Dec 19, 2009
Does anyone else have haunted tech?
My latest iPad keeps breaking out in you tube videos with songs from my earlier years.
Most recently it has been a combination of Roxy Music, Oh Yeah and Dusty Springfield with the Pet Shop boys, What have I done to deserve this.
Should I call an Exorcist?
I don't know.

That definitely wins an award
I have previously noted that my iPhone, playing music whilst I potter around the kitchen, seems to play tunes from people who have just died. This may be more of a reflection of my aging musical tastes than anything else. The most notable occasion was when Davy Jones of the Monkeys shuffled off this mortal coil, and when I turned the music on it immediately began with Daydream Believer, and Davy Jones asking the rest of the gang what number it was. Even the In House GP remarked on how strange a coincidence it was. I have around 4 days' worth of music on my phone so it was a pretty striking coincidence that the tune shuffled straight to that one.
I mentioned a few weeks ago on here that some of the rug rats have been regularly whinging about me phoning them during the silly hours of the morning. Problem is I am soundo in bed and IPhone is elsewhere in the house.

As Bart Simpson says “It wasn’t me!”