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Haunted Lamp Post?


Gone But Not Forgotten
Aug 19, 2001
The summer I did my 'O' levels, I would often walk to a friend's house so we could revise together. To get to his house I had to walk up a longish, sloping road, with houses on the left, and a park wall on the right. It was a very quiet road, as people would prefer to walk through the park.

At the far end of the road, was a modern, concrete lamppost, and often I would see the silhouette of what looked like a long, thin and very tatty flag flapping around it. It would appear from behind the top length of the post, flap a bit, then go back behind the post, usually two or three times. when it was "behind" the post, nothing of it could be seen.

The odd thing was, when i got to the lampost there was never anything on it, or even remotely near it resembling the tatty flag.

I saw this "flag" on maybe 4 or 5 occasions. Eventually, I knocked on the door of the house next to the lampost and asked them if they'd ever seen anything unusual, but they slammed the door on me!

Some years later, I was walking in the area when I heard the roar of what seemed a very large crowd of men shouting and cheering. It seemed to come from all around and (oddly) above me, and lasted maybe ten seconds. I even went to my Mum's house nearby to see if she'd heard anything (she hadn't). There aren't any sports grounds of any size (3 schools)... this shout was like a premiership goal scoring cheer, and It wasn't a TV or Radio, i'm sure.

Whether the "flag" and the shouting are related I don't know. It certainly freaks me out to this day, though.

By the way, this all took place in the Lund Park/Ingrow area of Keighley, in West Yorkshire.:confused:
Yes Indeed, but a far more haunted realm than The Other Side (of the the Pennines, I mean)