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Haunted weblog?



Does anyone remember an American weblog or journal-style website from a couple of years ago, which purported to be kept by a girl who shared her house with two guys and some cats, and was slowly becoming convinced it was haunted?

I remember it might have been black, with some sort of skull motif (classy!), but the content seemed convincing. They were all fairly young, living in the midwest, and started detailing their experiences (which ranged from the mundane to the petrifying). I think the girl tried to move out on several occasions, then the site stopped being updated!

I tried Googling it, but "haunted weblog" isn't a terribly specific search string. Does this ring a bell with anyone? It would have been about August 2000...
See http://www.ghosts.org/links.html. I remember that the ghostcam site was listed here a few years ago. It also was actually a conceptional art site rather than a chronicle of true events.

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