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I live in a flat in North London and in recent weeks some very strange and disturbing things have happened. Firstly, my flat mate’s boyfriend saw a female ‘presence’ in the flat, decked out in old-fashioned clothes. Then recently other things started to happen. I walked into my bedroom to find my big mirror lying face-up on my bed and a pair of my boots on top of the mirror. My flat mate also found a shoe on her bed and she is very anal about tidiness so she wouldn’t have put it there accidentally. Last Sunday she saw the shadow of her coat moving in the hallway and later that night when they were in bed, there was a knocking on her door and something was pulling at the handle. They also heard my door open and close even though nobody else was in the flat at the time. Yesterday, whatever it is was very active. First the showerhead broke in a very unnatural way when my flat mate was about to take a shower. Later when I was alone in the flat with her boyfriend, the toaster went on all by itself. Her boyfriend and me went to meet her from the station and when we returned there were three small black beetles crawling on the living room carpet near to each other. We scoured the room and there were no others and there was no obvious way that they could have got in nor any reason (seeing as there were no crumbs on the floor). They were not there 15minutes earlier when we left the flat. Lights have mysteriously turned on and off and objects move around the flat.

We are all scared and I am not sleeping. I was wondering if anyone could offer any suggestions about what to do in a case like this. We just want to ease the presence out of our flat in as harmless away as possible. It doesn’t seem ‘evil’ as such but it is certainly mischievous.


Scared in North London
If it appears mischeivous rather than evil, just try talking to it, acknowledging it, and taking an interest in it. Sometimes this interest seems to cause the phenomenon to fade away. And sometimes people learn to live with it! Hauntings may be disturbing, but they are hardly ever harmful. Just accepting it seems to cause the fear to recede.

However, some outside support may be helpful - other people who are prepared to take it seriously will reassure you you are not going bonkers! So:-

You could get some researchers in to study it - ASSAP have a lot of members in London. See


If you are religious, approach your priest about it.

Alternatively approach your local spiritualist church - at their best mediums can be very helpful, but if not they are unlikely to do any harm.
give ft a call see if they can do any tests

you mighnt get your mug in the mag then : )