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Hippopotamuses Spotted On Sussex Beach


Gone But Not Forgotten
Feb 14, 2002
Sea washes up hundreds of hippos
Eight hundred pink hippopotamuses, toy dogs and red-legged turkeys have been washed up along the Sussex coast.
People spotted the pet toys - wrapped in plastic bags - at Selsey Bay and West Wittering.

They are part of a cargo of 60,000 toys, worth £100,000, lost when a ship shed four containers in rough seas on its way from China to Southampton.

The Shropshire firm which ordered the toys, said locals could keep one each and give the rest to animal charities.

'Really surreal'

Rosewood Pet Products said it could help make Christmas a good one for dogs and cats in rescue homes and shelters in the Solent area.

A spokesman for Solent Coastguard said: "It's been really surreal dealing with calls from people who have seen these hippos."

He said many more toys from the containers are expected to be washed up in the coming days.

Story from BBC NEWS:
http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/e ... 402234.stm

Published: 2005/11/03 12:06:07 GMT