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end of the world in 2013-according to the mayan calendar

i dont know if many of you know this but according to the mayan calendar everything will end in 2013(i forgot the date but i think it is somewhere in december).It does not say "the end of the world will come at 2013" in fact they didn't measure time by years. they had a diff. method of measuring time. but scientist have calculated (by studying the calender) that it ends in the year 2013. i have heard other things about the end of the world and the year 2013 has a significance. think about it.
The Mayan calendar did measure in years, more accurately than our own in so far as it was self adjusting. What it also measured were epochs called ages of the sun. It is currently the fifth age of the sun and it is due to end in fire on December 21st 2012, I believe. See my post here for a bit more info.
.....And if you really want somthing to worry about, not only does the Mayen calendar end on the 21st December 2012, according to research done by the late T. McKenna and later backed up by John Sheliak, that showed an unusual mathamatical wave form with the I-Ching which actually terminates on.....yep you guessed...21st December 2012, below are some links for you check out the data yourself...as they say forewarned is forearmed.



i remeber that broken sword 2 story done the topic about the mayen end of the world story,but from a total ecplise

Well, I know bits and pieces about a lot of things... and y'see, I know that throughout the Mayan times, there are 6 suns in all, and each 'dies' only to be 'reborn'... The Mayans are a sure cheery bunch as they predicted all of these terrible stuff and so on about theses 'deaths' of the suns... well, the last two predictions were correct (one at the time of the Spanish invasion 1591, one only just recently - 1991)

The recent one, the Mayans said after the death of the 5th Sun 'of ignorance', Earth would undergo changes, and cosmic awareness (UFOs?) would surface, created by encounters with 'the masters of the sky'. And at that time, July 11, 1991, several ufos were sighted, and even videotaped as well, and a mountaion nearby erupted into an active volcano.

As for the 6th one to happen in 2012, (leaving the age of orderly pisces into the age of chaotic Aquarius) well... one big note: The texts doesn't say that we will die in a inferal ball of fire... but if you look at it another way, the Mayans said that after the 6th, there would be no more suns - it could mean that we become 'enlightened' and go on to some kind of higher plane or dimension... or Jesus finally arrives... (NB: I am not a Christan in any way) or basically, the sun just puffs out and Earth is thrown into darkness...
2012? Well, that's just bad... I'm sorry, i have an appiontment that day.... God, I won't even be finished collage then...
Well, do you know what? It sounds like the perfect excuse for a party for all of the doomsayers and paranormal sci fi fans...

Party's on the 21st of December 2012 - spread the word!


I'm on that trolley.

Party until the sun dies in the morning :)

Yes, but it's got to be in the Restaurant at the End of the Universe!
From what I remember they even had a time of day for when it should happen. I think 19:29 or so. But definitely a time to have a party, though the mayan pyramids will probably be crowded by New Agers.

What is especially interesting about this I think, is the fact that they are so precise. In most cases predictions just say thing like in a thousand years the world will end. But they got it down to the very minute, and are famous for their excellent calendars. NASA even use it.
Isn't there at least one bunch of people predicting the end of the world every year?

I know I've lived through at least 4 supposed apocalypses without even noticing...
The Mayan calander has a specific long and short count register, but there prediction about the end of this "Age" has also been proven to link to the sunspot cycle, the Myas had already recorded the passing of 4 other ages, each of which it have been vertually spot on dates when a solar event has happened or the polarity of the earths poles have changed.
It would be the end of this age in 2012 not the end of humanity so to speak.
Wasn't the last time the poles switched about 500.000 years ago? Not much of a prediction if it happened before they said it.

But do tell me more.
Your wish is my command!

It's very interesting. I hadn't heard this theory before. The astronomy seems good, although I haven't checked it out yet on my software. Whether this is the real reason the Mayan Calendar climaxes in 2012 I couldn't really say, but it seems plausible.

It also tends to support the view of Hancock and others that Human civilization is more ancient than generally accepted, giving time for astronomy and mathematics to develop in sophisticated ways.
I'd heard it was something to do with the cycle of Venus risings. Venus was an important planet to the Mayans, and they tracked its cycles for centuries, incorporating it into their ritual life and cosmological belief system. They were extremely good observational astronomers and were able to plot stellar movements centuries ahead. Apparently, at the latitude of Central America, around December 2012, the planet rises with the Pleiades (another important sky object for the Mayans), a very rare event that marked the ending of one of their millennia-long religious cycles.
Annasdottir said:
Apparently, at the latitude of Central America, around December 2012, the planet rises with the Pleiades (another important sky object for the Mayans), a very rare event that marked the ending of one of their millennia-long religious cycles.
I did just check that. I don't know where you got this info, Annasdottir, but it's way off - Venus is in Libra at that time, about as far from the Pleides as you can get! (Also, the latitude wouldn't make any difference as far as naked eye astronomy is concerned - Venus is too far away.)

But I would like to know more about their obsession with Venus...

Somebody stop me before I go on about Velikovsky again!

A short while later:
No, you can't stop me, I will go on! I just had a novel (to me) idea. Suppose Venus was once a dark rocky body without its present thick atmosphere and total cloud cover. It would then have been a far less brilliant object in our skies (nowadays it can be the brightest object after the sun and moon).

Also assume that a new large comet enters the solar system, actually becoming visible soon after being gravitationally fragmented by Jupiter. (Hence satisfying the old myths pointed out by V. about Venus being born from Jupiter.)

Now assume that a large fragment of this comet actually impacts Venus, and in vapourising, creates the present day highly reflective atmosphere. Suddenly Venus has become a brilliant object (it has been 'born').

Now I know that two close planetary encounters is a very rare thing, but the very fact of fragmentation has the effect of spreading the fragments over a large volume of space, so increasing the chance of further encounters. It could even be that some small pieces hit the Earth with dramatic effect, which would reinforce the importance of the near-simultaneous 'birth' of Venus.

So Velikovsky could have been right in pointing out the importance of the old myth, although wrong in his over-literal interpretation of it. This would also explain the Mayan obsession with Venus.

Right, I've run that up the flagpole - now let's see who salutes, or who tries to shoot it down!

The Mayan calendar expressed a date in the form: This means:

6 Baktun, an interval of 144,000 days,
19 Katun (generations) of 7200 days,
18 Tun (years) of 360 days,
1 Uinal (month) of 20 days,
5 Kin (days)
According to the (Widely accepted) Thompson correlation, the first day of the mayan calendar ( corresponds to 11th AUG, 3114 BCE In the Gregorian calendar. This was when they believed that Venus was born. Mayans also had a "Great Cycle of the Long Count" of 13 Baktuns or 5,125.36 years. Many interpreters believe that the Mayans expected that the universe would last exactly that length of time. That is, they anticipated the end of the world at the Winter Solstice. 2012-DEC-21 or in their notation, where the present 'Sun' will end, (According to Mayan mythology, were are living in the 'fifth Sun' or era of Creation. all Previous suns have ended Cataclysmically, as will this one.)
rynner said:
But I would like to know more about their obsession with Venus...

To the Classic Maya, Venus was the god of war, and so was the object of intense Study, as battles were usually planned around Auspicicous dates to do with this God. Known to them as Kukulcan, more famously in highland central america as Quetzalcoatl, the winged serpent. Perhaps part of the reason we percieve them as being obsessed woth Venus, is that one of the Four surviving books (The Dresden Codex - God knows how many were lost in the fires of the Spanish Priests) deals almost exculsively with the movement ot Venus.

He (Kukulcan) was also the Recipient of Human Sacrifice.
Thanks for all that great info 4imix - it's cleared up a lot of things.
Don't know where I got that stuff about the Pleiades from - I've just checked with my SkyMap Pro, and Venus will be rising in Scorpius on the 2012 Winter Solstice.
Annasdottir said:
Thanks for all that great info 4imix - it's cleared up a lot of things.

My Pleasure! Nice to be able to contribute something useful for a change!

Useful Calendrical (Maya) site Here

Edit: Nice Maya site Here

I'm just reading 'Uriel's Machine' by robert lomas and the other bloke (somebody knight). They also go on about Venus a lot - it describes a 5 pointed star shape through its trajectory or something? and the early pre-flood types were very keen on watching it. their theory is that 5 comets crashed into the earth causing the flood that wiped out (most of) civilisation. The arguments they use to back up their theories are pretty well argued but i have only just started the book, I was reading it last night but i got scared and had to stop and read something far lighter.
Just over ten years to go, then:-(

Time we started offering hearts to the Gods. Volunteers? :rolleyes:
venus out of zeus' head

i always thought that Athena came out of Zeus' head.:confused:
Why is now Venus?
Explanation please :)
Re: venus out of zeus' head

garoned said:
i always thought that Athena came out of Zeus' head.:confused:
Why is now Venus?
Is now Venus because I think that's the interpretation Velikovsky put on it (but it is many years now since I read his stuff). But students of mythology know that gods, and goddesses, often overlap in their forms and attributes, and also often have many different names in different cultures, so one goddess can blur into another.

Clube and Napier, in their discussion of the comet break-up, do in fact refer to the Athena legend.

I think I know where to get hold of a copy of V's "Worlds in Collision" _ I shall have to re-read it!
Re: Re: venus out of zeus' head

rynner said:
I think I know where to get hold of a copy of V's "Worlds in Collision" _ I shall have to re-read it!

I picked up a copy at UnCon:D Not too long ago I found a copy of V's Mankind in Amnesia in a local charity shop. As the lord says: "ask and ye shall receive".

Re: Venus thing: Athena = Greek, Venus = Roman, both same thing. Athena is also traditionally a great warrior and known for her wisdom.