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medium or not


Junior Acolyte
Aug 10, 2001
Can any one give me some advice the thing is that I was out last night at a pub and there was a medium and a healer the medium was giving a few messages to some people.
Then she turned to me and said that I was a medium I have never seen or heard any think I am interested in ghosts but that is it. Could I be one and not know and is there any sites with information on this. or is there a way too wake that sense up.
I personally think a lot of people have psychic ability, some appear quite scatty and vague through it which makes it easy for sceptics to ridicule them. I think the subconscious state, during sleep offers a whole new dimension where the mind can see things. John Edwards is an excellent American psychic/ medium who has books out that may be able to help with developement.
Similar thing happened to me about 5 years ago, ufonerd.
Myself and my-then housemate hired a psychic to come to our place to give us each a psychic reading.
She told me that I had such powerful psychic abilities I could become a 'transfiguration medium' - she reckoned I had it in me to become a really good medium. I'd never heard of that, so I had to get her to explain all that to me. Came as a major surprise to me.
Most of the other stuff she said about me was true - spot on...
Every medium I've ever met has told me that I'm one! But I have yet to be convinced. Has anybody here ever had a session with a medium and not been told that?