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Murder case



We are researching a murder case which has been open for the past 20 years. People who have visited the site report a strange unwelcoming atmosphere, amoung other things.
I have personally reearched the paranormal for 8 years and I have never came acros a case quite like it. Frome the begining the muder victim (a child) has made itself knwn to us and I have never in those eight years seen anything, though I have heard plenty and this was the first time that I had the pleasure of seeing a form.
Every time we return to the site it makes itself known more and more, though there is something alse at the site, something more sinister. This is what all the public have been picking up.
At this moment in time we have made good progress onthe case but we would like an experience medium to visit the sight and make contact with the child, at this moment w eare working with new technology to develope the EVP process, helping us to try and assertain a name from the site, this we would compare with the mediums work.
The impression from the site is quite strong in that a child is screaming though no one can hear her. I would like to end this and find the killer, if any one should know a reliable medium who has good skills at readin a site for its past in Ireland I would greatly appreciate it if htey would forward contact details.

Thank you.

Dont be silenced, discover.
Try contacting that Sightings program that goes out on the SciFi Channel and Sky One. They are usually interested in this sort of thing. Believe the web site may be http://www.sightings.com
And don't forget to let us know what happens.

What are the details of the murder?