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My experience



I just thought I'd share this with everyone.

When I was 8 my great-grandmother passed away (she lived with us). It was a very hectice night, with other family members coming over, police, paramedics, and the like coming and going till late into the night (she passed away late at night). My great-grandmother and I were very close, I spent many a day with her listening to her tell me stories, watching her cook and many other things, I love her dearly. After everything had settled down and everyone had left we headed back to bed. I fell asleep fairly fast since I was extremely tired and upset from all that had happened. After a while I felt something tapping my shoulder to wake me up, I thought it was my dad or mom, so I kept telling them to leave me alone.

The tapping was very persistent so I rolled over and opened my eyes to see what my parents wanted, when I did I saw my grandmagrandma standing by my bed smiling at me, she told me she loved me and would miss me, but she would always be watching me and would never leave me. Then she was gone, all I could do was cry, when my parents got to me I told them what had happened, at first they told me I had been dreaming, but after I kept telling them what I had seen they believed me. I am now 26 and that incedent has remained apart of me for close to 20 years now. I just thought I would share my experience with everyone.
I spent a lot of time with my gran when I was young. In my early 20's I contracted a kidney & bladder infection which had symptoms similar to flu with hi temp and shivering & sweating. My wife eventually said to me that she was going to call for an ambulance and I said that she should send one immediately to my Gran's as she needed it urgently. I think I was partially delirious. Next thing I remember was that I was in hospital with my wife by my bedside .She said eventually that she had some bad news. "I know, " I replied, "my Gran has died." She had, about the time my wife had said about the ambulance! Now I remember my Gran telling me once that her sister had appeared at her bedside one night to say she had passed on. Family ties must be very strong, and maybe these messages run in certain families.
This brought back a memory from when my Grandma died. She had been in a nursing home. Grandpa had died 12 years earlier. When my mom and her siblings were there a few days before her umpteenth and final hospital trip, she was sitting on the edge of her bed and she went into this daydream-type state for a minute.

Then she said, "Yes, everything is in order. Everthing is done. I'm coming." So my uncle asked her if someone else was talking to her. She said, "Yes. Your daddy."

That always gives me shivers up my spine to reiterate that story.

this thread is just ... nice (heven forbid me for such linguistic ineptitude.) A less romantic individual than me might not take kindly to it however.
These things never happen to Skeptics - because if they do they stop being skeptics...

This, I suspect, is why ghost stories will never die out.
These are heart-warming tales and there are people out there who lose close relatives who must really will them to return. I think if someone is close to the departed, that person lives on forever anyway, I guess that's the power of love, but I would love to see a departed family member.
I have always been a 'watcher'.
Even when I was little I saw the ways and patterns of things long before I was born.

An odd gift to be sure,but a gift all the same.
I also feel things for others even though I don't tend to have much compassion.

My uncle was cutting down a tree and the limb hit a power line,zapped him-killed him instantly when I was 11 or 12.

I can still feel it sometimes.Maybe that was when I gave up time,stopped living by the rules and lived by the ways.

I don't tell time anymore.Not by the clock or calendar at least.

Am I weird? Yes.probably.
Does it matter?
Not anymore.
I've had several 'crisis apparitions', none of which has involved death.
Here are two, if anyone's interested-

When I was 17 I left home, did drugs, had a violent boyfriend, you know, the usual. My mother vowed never to visit the place where I lived and we lost contact.

One day, I was ill and all alone. The BF had disappeared as druggies do for days on end and I had a fever: for two days I couldn't even get up for a drink. I became delirious and saw Ma walk in through the locked door and produce medicine, oranges and all the usual stuff for invalids. I felt happy and safe and drifted off to sleep.

Sometime later someone banged on the door. There was a call on the house phone for me. I dragged myself out of bed and answered it. It was my mother. 'I knew it was you!' I groaned. 'I feel so ill!'

She was there within the hour and brought all the things I'd seen earlier. She still doesn't know why she rang and even less why she'd already bought sickroom supplies!

Another was last year. I was rushed to hospital with a suspected blood clot on a lung. While I was lying on a bed, covered in wires and with an oxygen mask, I saw my present partner walk in, look intently at me and then leave. My family were with me, including my ex-husband whom I didn't actually want there at all! So I assumed the BF had seen him and backed down to save a row.
Not so: the BF had seen the ex's car outside and immediately turned around and drove home, at exactly the time I'd seen him.
it dosn't happen to me

No these things don't happen to sceptics but then I don't know if I would call myself that.

I just think that these visitations from the dead are something to be tresured weither thay are genuine manifestations or just wish fufilment.
Aliant: When you say 'watcher' -- what characterizes a 'watcher'? I've seen the word used in a wide range of contexts.
I've heard of watchers and weavers being the same thing.
Baisically it's to be an observer.
You see all that goes on, remember it and soon you have patterns.
It's no big deal.

If you can lock into part of the pattern you can predict the resta nd then you can see the past and predict the future.
Evrything happens in a pattern.

I haven't heard of watchers being used in any other context-perhaps we can have an information exchange?