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Old Gangsters never die



Hi I’ve been meaning to make a post about this for a while. In late October Nikita and I joined the Minnesota paranormal research group on a investigation of the Wabasha caves in St.paul, better known in it’s day as the castle royal nightclub. A little history here first, St.paul has many caves running beneath it during the 30’s these caves were used for all manner of extra legal activities during the 30’s and 40’s. In the 1930’s the owners of the Wabasha caves converted their mushroom growing farm into a speak easy. Since during the 30’s St.Paul was a safe town for mobsters. They had an agreement with the police chief that as long as they didn’t stir up any trouble and they kept they’d be safe in St.Paul. Quickly the Wabash caves were converted into a luxurious underground nightclub named the castle royal. As was inevitable all these gangsters, started flocking to the castle royal. The castle royal was frequented by names such as Sammy Cohen, Buggsy Moran and al Capone. The castle royal was site to quite a number of murders and shootouts, and an unknown number of bodies were buried in shallow graves in the backs of the 7 individual caves that make up the castle royal. So anyway we were there at the caves. Over the years the caves have gained quite a reputation for being haunted. I have been to a number of haunted sites in my time but none of them were anything like what I experienced in those caves. Though we didn’t experience any audio or visual phenomenon. We experienced numerous moist and cold spots and in the photographs we took there were numerous orbs spotted. And in one of our member’s video recordings from a pervious visit there is silhouette of a man walking in front of a light source. If anyone wants to see these photos feel free to email me at [email protected]. This was truly one of the strangest places I have ever been to.
It really was, I'm a sensing medium and I was so drained after it, I had to sleep sp much to make up for all the energy it took out of me, I have the pics as well, E-mail at [email protected] or
PM me.