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ORMES / White Powder Gold / Monatomic Gold

I think there's a thread somewhere within this forum on this subject...

has anyone managed to locate the existing thread on this topic? i wanna read it!!


Hi Jerry,

thanks for the link. i tried searching for many different permutations of the phrase and got zero results.

i dont know how the search facility works on here but it looks like you have to type in the exact opposite of what you want in order to find it ( or something )!

cheers mate
"a friend of mine who is in the freemasons, told me in confidence that he was given a white powder purporting to be 'pure light' at his masons initiation."

As a Master Mason under the Irish Constitution, I can fairly safely say that the practise referred to here is by no means common place, nor even widely known about.

TBH, I would question its veracity.

A very good question. For all the browsing i have done i have not found a single substantiated report of the effects of this powder when ingested. But i guess i have to keep hoping!
Ormus/White Powder Gold

Have there been any FT articles on this "miraculous" substance? There's plenty of stuff on the internet about it - including a Youtube talk by Laurence Gardner - but I don't trust the internet.


Nick - long time FT reader, first time poster. :)
Strangely enough, indeed we do have a thread on this dubious substance, with an almost identical title, from way back in 2004.

There may even be an earlier one. There was. 'Has the Philosopher's Stone been found?', from 2003.

Threads conjoined. P_M