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Phantom lap-top


Justified & Ancient
Mar 13, 2003
My girlfriend's lap-top has the strange habit of typing by itself.

It started off, when you put the cursor in to type something, by retyping stuff she'd typed earlier. Now it just comes out with stuff that she has never seen before. A lot of weird stuff or sometimes just sentences.

The keys don't move (obviously) but very small font writing appears first and then pops up into normal sized text???

Dont really suspect anything supernatural, just wondering what technical glitch could cause it?

This is what came up last time >>>

...O. O. O. A. M. I. T. N. O. oh oh two and the E. ...

Have you tried typing a message and leaving it on screen for a reply?
No. That might be worth a try for a bit of fun!

Im sure its just a technical glitch.
T. A. K. E. M. E. B. A. C. K. T. O. D. I. X. O. N. S.

Spooky angel said:
If it says "My name is Tom Riddle", don't answer it. :p

And if it's Jimmy, it's taking the piss...

(Coat? Ah, there.....)
If they didn't throw me out for being a geek, they won't throw you out for that joke, Derek! :p

What do you mean, they did throw me out?
Throw me out? The wit and wisdom of the board? That'll be the day....

Why have I been logged out? Why can't I log in again..... Bar stewards....
McAvennie said:
...O. O. O. A. M. I. T. N. O. oh oh two and the E. ...

can i have consonant please carol :D