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Profanity Writ Large (In Gardens, Lawns, Landscapes, Etc.)

Some twazzock does that over my workplace at the height of summer. The noise is just ridiculous.
Same here. It's like that annoying sound a fly makes in your bedroom that you can't catch mixed with a lawnmower sound in the sky. I put up with all the military jets because they're on my side combat style (plus they can blow me up) instead of just trying to get paid for an air show. I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't almost every day.
Police helicopters are worse. Mournful drone, pain in the bum, gratuitous wailing; and that's just my moaning about them.
It's mostly air ambulance helicopters where I am or the ones that are taking people back from the sea rigs. We even had Prince William flying the ambulance ones for a bit round my way, we occasionally get one land in a football field near my house during emergencies. They're noisy but I'm not going to complain about them because me or someone I know might need one one day.