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Quantum theory for ghosts?


Gone But Not Forgotten
May 24, 2003
Always been interested in quantum physics. Doing some research I have come across some *possible* explanations for what ghosts could be.

Right now I'm exhausted and feeling lazy, so I'm inviting people to share their theories along this vein: how quantum phenomenon could account for some "ghost" sightings.

And yes I know quantum is ultra small scale, but if you believe, as I, that science is no more closer to the "theory of everything" then it was 800 years ago, many of the seemingly "irrational" quantum phenomenon, if extrapolated into macro scale (or any other way), could account for ghosts.

And no, this isn't supposed to be proof or strictly literal, but rather an interesting thread for postulation.
I agree that sentient ghosts may point to the possibility of other dimensions hinted at in quantam physics but what about the ghosts that repeat actions endlessly in some kind of wierd loop. There's not much in quantum physics about that. Although apparrently water has 'memory' and remembers what it was to be ice and for a nano-second the molecules will crystalize and melt just to 'practice' this form for the next freeze (Lyall Watson in Supernature) even at really high temperatures, so perhaps this is an example of molecules and objects having memory which can reproduce an effect physically. I'm as lazy as you and feel surrounded by lots of tiny bits of fact which I feel would fit really well into quantum or string theory if I could just get a handle on it but its all so elusive isn't it? I read somewhere that the 'facts' at quantum level are like trying to press your finger onto a tomato seed and that certainly reminded me of the paranormal and ufology! I wish I was a physicist. I'm sure one of us on this site will come up with the final answer.:D
Uncertainty Principle

I was thinking along these lines, but I was invoking another quantum principle - namely, that of "Uncertainty". By observing a system, for an experiment for example, you change the nature of it and change it. So, for instance, in the quantum universe, momentum and position are interweaved. By observing one exactly, you can never measure the other to an exact value. You can measure one perfectly, but not the other.

Now, think of this in a ghost-hunting setting. When you go on an investigation, you are performing an observation based experiment. This might have the effect of changing various parameters, preventing ghosts from appearing. When you are not expecting, or observing ghosts, that is when the blighters are more likely to turn up!

Best wishes

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Its a good point but doesn't explain the ghosts that have been caught on camera like some by Gerrard Lestienne where poltergeist activity has been photographed and documented etc. Borley Rectory didn't seem shy about being observed either. If only it was consistent in ANY respect you could try and get to grips with it. Some ghosts are sentient, others are mere shadows of the former people that have no awareness of their surroundings or time-reference. It's all so Keelish as far as I'm concerned and think that everything wierd that happens on this planet is other dimensions fiddling and toying though even this theory falls to pieces when you think that something has the power to make contact with beings from another dimension - us- and they chuck pots and pans around and go 'oooooooooo' in the night and tease us with visions of UFO's and spock-type alien contacts. Too too wierd.:confused: