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Reporting Posts


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Oct 29, 2002
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Differences in style and frequency of use of the REPORT function now vary so widely that some brief guidance may prove helpful.

1) The primary purpose of reporting a post is to draw it to the moderators' attention. You are able to report any posted content at all (including status messages etc) from any member, including yourself and moderators.

2) To report a post, simply click on the word 'Report' that should appear at the bottom-left of any posted content:


3) Clicking here will bring up the following window.

SmartSelect_20231122_222354_Samsung Internet.jpg

You are encouraged to be as specific as possible here about the reason for the report. There has been a rash of single-word reports recently; unless the reason is transparent (e.g. 'Spam' or 'Broken Link'), these are not very helpful to us. You do not need to 'argue a case' unless you feel the need, but the more you give us, the more quickly and effectively we can address the issue.

Your text will a) be visible to all moderators, b) be treated as confidential, c) be kept on record permanently.

4) What 'issues', you might ask, should or could be reported? Here is a non-exhaustive list:
  • This post is spam or advertising.
  • This post is off-topic.
  • This post would be better placed on another thread.
  • The thread would be better placed in another forum or sub-forum.
  • This post contains a broken link or links.
  • This post contains a link or links to illegal or objectionable content.
  • This post features content that contains extensive copyright infringement (under U.S. jurisdiction)
  • This post links to a site that generates security warnings for me.
  • This post has a dangerous attachment.
  • This post contains a formatting error (most commonly a quotation error).
  • This post is from a suspected bot.
  • This post is made by a suspected sock-puppet account.
  • This post might well be from a banned member.
  • This post directly insults another member.
  • This post contains political debate or point-scoring.
  • This post contains material that would be better hidden within spoiler tags.
  • This post was made in error (by me) and should be deleted.
  • I cannot edit this post because it is too old, please make this (specified) edit for me.
  • This post copies an entire text from another page (usually a news agency).
  • This post illustrates well a trend or habit I have been meaning to draw to the moderators' attention.
  • This post does not include a source link for the (significant) text or image it copies.
  • This post gives me great concern for the immediate wellbeing of the author (to be used sparingly!)
  • I believe I reported this post in error; this subsequent report is to tell you there is actually no issue to address.
  • This post is completely incomprehensible (and may not even feature identifiable words).
5) The majority of reports are seen within 20 or 30 minutes and acted on within the hour; the great majority are resolved within 24hrs, but we make no promises—timezones and workloads may interfere.

As ever, we invite other comments/feedback directly from all members by personal message. All correspondence thus received will also be treated as confidential and not shared outside the moderation team.

I hope this is helpful.