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Rock Music Makes For Better Cancer Drugs


Feb 5, 2011
Classical was apparently too soothing ;)


more at the link above

"ROCK music is being used to maximise the efficiency of cancer drug delivery.

Vibrations caused by rock music have been found to increase a drug’s therapeutic window by creating a Teflon-like coating over the micro particles used in drug delivery.

Researchers from the University of South Australia used AC/DC’s Thunderstruck to cause porous silicon micro particles to bounce in the air, which allowed for the entire structure to be coated with a plasma polymer overlay.

Senior research author Professor Nico Voelcker said completely coating a micro particle was difficult but essential in ensuring the optimal amount of a drug was delivered to the cancer cell."
well, yes. But if the vibrations caused by exposure to loud heavy rock music turned up way past eleven are beneficial, how come Motorhead's Lemmy still died of cancer? Every gig should have been an inoculation?