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Scariest Ghost Documentaries.



What's the scariest ghost documentary you've seen ? And don't say BBC Ghostwatch, that was bloody awful...the only scary thing was Sarah Green!!
Ghostwatch wasn't even a real documentary. They faked everything on it.

The Discovery chanel are showing repeats of ghost hunters with William Woolard. 10 am weekdays, some interesting strories, worth a second look.
p.younger said:
The Discovery chanel are showing repeats of ghost hunters with William Woolard. 10 am weekdays, some interesting strories, worth a second look.

I've watched nearly all of these, they're excellent. Some of the stories do seem to stand up, but others seem to be a bit dodgy.

Watch out for the one with Chingle Hall, Paul is a reporter for Granada Television (he reported on this for Granada Reports), he looked terrified.
Most Haunted on Living is a current favourite. Basically, Yvette Fielding (!), a parapsychologist and medium Derek Acorah (who, I understand, is a respected medium, but I have to say I find him hilariously hammy and camp) investigate haunted locations including Drury Lane Theatre, a pub in Avebury and a castle in Eire.

Yvette is totally useless and freaks out at the drop of the hat, particularly when Derek is uncannily correct about the paranormal histories of the places they visit (despite allegedly being kept in the dark beforehand).

Although some of the footage is genuinely creepy, they rarely come away with anything more on tape than a few possible orbs and shots of them running away shrieking from shadows.

Worth watching, though, for the high camp and, of course, just in case...
There's a thread about 'most Haunted' heareabouts somewhere.

If you go on the MH website you can personally mock the crew for their craven cowardice in the face of the Unkown and enjoy their lame excuses.

Derek Acorah comes across as a lot more serious here than on Granada Breeze programmes I've seen him on.

I have a problem with the idea that a nobody knows in advance what hauntings to expect. Surely the 'most haunted castle in Europe' is notorious enough to be able to read up on, for example?
I read all about the monkey ghost (Martyn's Ape) as a teenager 30 years ago. The theatre hauntings are particularly famous: anyone can learn about them.

Still brilliant TV though. I'm happy to pay my Sky subs just for the satisafaction of hearing Yvette refuse to climb some stairs because 'I'll poo me pants!'
The Most Haunted forum is great.

I particularly liked it when some viewer berated the parapsychologist from running away when Yvette Fielding said she saw a ghost at Drury Lane.

A few minutes later, the parapsychologist posted something like "Actually -- you wouldn't have seen this because the cameras were off -- but I actually went back all on my own to where the ghost had been seen a few minutes later to have a closer look."

His mother must be so proud.