Self-Initiation & Forteana


your friendly neighborhood alchemist
Jul 15, 2018
hey everybody, I made a post recently about the novel I am releasing for free, chapter by chapter. It is called DIVE MANUAL: A PROSE OF ALCHEMY & ANALYTIC PSYCHOLOGY. I believe in free information, but I'm also working with an agent and looking into independent publishers for Print-On-Demand opportunities, et cetera, so that print copies can be an option.

Anyways, here is Chapter 4, which specifically deals with Forteanism, discussing John Keel, Charles Fort, and The Mothman Prophecies, since it is one of the most classic fortean novels of all time.

I draw parallels between Jung's psychological shadow and the concept of Forteanism, describing how Fortean phenomena itself can be considered as transpersonal projections of the shadow. I am not saying that these things are all hallucination either--but here I use the term trans-physical, describing how these things can reach a state of physicality by piggy-backing off the unconscious mind's open avenues and becoming pseudo-physical, but not limited by time or matter.

In this chapter I discuss some of my own Fortean experiences, some of which occurred during psychedelic experiences, others occurred while I was entirely sober. I don't take psychedelics anymore, but it sure made for an interesting dive into the esoteric and Forteanism for me.

I hope some of you read it! Would be interested in your thoughts. Blessings to you all