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Jul 19, 2004
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Apparently the Holy Ghost wasn't conducting enough air-to-ground evangelical bombing to suit this Louisiana Catholic parish, so the local diocese has taken matters into its own hands ...
It’s raining blessings! Crop duster drops holy water on town

A Roman Catholic church in Louisiana decided to disperse some blessings to a local town via crop dusters.

According to a Facebook post from the Diocese of Lafayette on Sunday, members of St. Anne Church in Cow Island called upon crop duster pilots to help spread their blessing to the community.

The Rev. Matthew Barzare and parishioners of the church loaded 100 gallons (380 liters) of holy water into the planes, and the pilots sprayed the water onto the town and the nearby farms, KATC-TV reported. Parishioners also bought water from their homes to the airstrip to be blessed by Barzare.

The idea came from L’Eryn Detraz, a Cow Island native who is a missionary stationed in Ohio.

The Facebook post had been shared more than 500 times as of Monday, with many commenters requesting visits from the blessed crop dusters.

Cow Island is an unincorporated community in Vermilion Parish approximately 38 miles (61 kilometers) south of Lafayette.
SOURCE: https://apnews.com/5e1b6acfde9d264aa2dc8511051427c6

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Apr 13, 2016
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"The small Louisiana community of Cow Island was destroyed today by a freak wildfire outbreak. Officials speculate that the fires, which broke out simultaneously throughout the village, were due to spontaneous combustion of demons, zombies, and other eldritch creatures* when they were sprinkled with holy water by a crop duster airplane.

Local sheriff William "Billy Bob" Roubidoux spoke to reporters: "It was the durndest thing I ever DID see. They was poppin' off all over the place, like the Fourth of JOO-ly. Fire brigade was runnin' 'round like they didn't know whether they was shot, fucked, or snakebit. Always knew they was somethin' a little off 'bout a lot of them folks, but I figgered they was jus' Yankees or sumthin'."

Rev. Matthew Barzare, who had organized the sprinkling of the holy water, had no comment.

*Many local vampires, who would have been inside at the time of the sprinkling, were nevertheless thought to have perished (for real this time) when their coffins were consumed by the flames."
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