Staged Death?


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Oct 29, 2002
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Just heard about this case on bbc news 24. Its interesting to note that scants hour earlier the German parliament had removed his imunity from prosecution and his house was being searched in the very moments that he jumped. Could this be a 'staged' death?
German politician in death plunge

Juergen Moellemann had a passion for parachute jumps
A controversial former German minister has died in a parachute jump, shortly after parliament voted to lift his immunity over sleaze allegations.
Police said Juergen Moellemann, an experienced skydiver, died at an airfield near the town of Marl in his home state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Eyewitnesses are quoted as saying that his parachute opened normally, but that he took it off.

A state prosecutor would only say that Mr Moellemann became separated from the parachute in mid-air.

Like all the others, he had activated all the parachute's safety systems, in line with the instructions

Mr Moellemann, 57, had jumped with nine friends from a small plane, police said. The others landed safely.

Witnesses quoted in the German media said they believed the politician had committed suicide.

Shortly before, investigators began searching Mr Moellemann's home in Muenster and more than 20 other addresses in Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Spain.

Mr Moellemann, the former deputy leader of Germany's centrist Free Democratic Party (FDP), was being investigated over allegations that he broke laws on party funding, fraud and breach of trust.

He resigned from the party in March after being accused of anti-Semitism in the run-up to last year's parliamentary elections.

Mr Moellemann jumped out of the plane at 4,000 metres (13,200 feet).

One witness, who jumped from a plane at the same time as the politician, said all the group's parachutes had opened normally.

Mr Moellemann was "easily recognisable by the big letters JWM on his blue and yellow parachute," he said.

Then suddenly the chute broke free from Mr Moellemann's body, said the witness, himself an experienced skydiver.

"He must have detached it. At that stage in the descent that's all that could happen. There is no other possibility."

Mr Moellemann's spare chute then failed to open, and an automatic safety system, which would open it even if the parachutist had lost consciousness, did not activate it, the witness said.

"He must have switched it off," the witness added.


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Jul 19, 2004
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Update for closure ...

There was no formal resolution of the issue concerning whether Möllemann's 2003 death was deliberate suicide versus an accident. An amateur video taken during the fatal jump episode apparently indicated Möllemann never activated his automatic emergency parachute deployment device. This was taken by some as proof of intentional suicide. However, investigative authorities considered this evidence insufficient to prove it had to have been suicide.

The video was already evaluated in the preliminary investigation into the death of Möllemann, said the Essen prosecutor Hans Christian Gutjahr the German Press Agency dpa on Friday. The "Bild" newspaper had reported on the amateur video on Friday and sees "clear evidence" that Möllemann took his own life.

The key scene for this, according to the report, is the reaction of Möllemann's parachutist comrades at the end of the video. On display is the dead man's backpack with the emergency system not activated, which would have automatically triggered the reserve parachute. Möllemann's comrades discuss that the FDP politician, before boarding the machine at the Marl / Lohmühle sports airfield, skipped the mutual control of this emergency system when he was still drinking "the last glass of water". ...

For the public prosecutor's office, however, the background of the deaths remains unclear: "For us, there are no new findings," Gutjahr said with a view to the video. "You can not rule out suicide, but you can not say for sure." ...

Möllemann had died on June 5, 2003 during a parachute jump. The subsequent investigations could not clarify whether it was a suicide or a misfortune. The investigators had not found any evidence of manipulation by third parties.
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