The Bukit Timah Monkey Man Of Singapore

Lord Lucan

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Feb 17, 2017
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As my wife and I visit Singapore on a regular basis, I keep informed of what's happening there on a number of different forums and websites.
Today whilst browsing I came across this post:
Which then leads to a Wikipedia entry on the alleged 'Monkey Man' hominid that inhabits the Bukit Timah region of Singapore. Singapore, while both small in area and densely populated remains a very green city with areas that still contain dense tropical jungle. Bukit Timah is one such area.

It appears that an expedition will take place later this year to see if this reported creature is more flesh and blood rather than local superstitious legend:

Several expeditions have been conducted by the NUS department of animal science since 1972. However, the existence of the species have not been proven. A new expedition to capture the animal will be launched in April 2020 which will be funded by private donors and will be led by famed primatologist, Wang Huibing who will document and publish the journals in her group whatsappchat. In her statement to the media, she informed that the expedition would benefit humanity in general as it would not gain her any more wealth and fame.
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