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The Golden Fleece, York


Justified & Ancient
Aug 7, 2002
As part of my writing endeavours I'm trying to verify some historical details on certain haunted hotels/inns and I'm taking a look at York's Golden Fleece. The story is that a Canadian RAF man, Geoff Munroe fell or was pushed to his death at some point, probably during World War 2. I'm having great difficulty in tracing this man using official documents but its early days.
What I did find is this, in the August 9th 1944 edition of "The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Mercury." It sounds very much like the story associated with "Munroe" apart from the name and a few other obvious details.
Can anyone provide the first instance of this appearing in print? My ghost library was decimated years ago but I think the first time I encountered it was in either "Haunted York" (2009) or "Yorkshire Ghost Stories" five years later.