The Murder Of Michael Francke


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May 18, 2002
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This is the subject of current podcast 'a murder in Oregon' which goes into considerable depth on the subject.

The short version of events is that Michael Francke, head of corrections in Oregon, USA, was stabbed to death in 1989. A small-time criminal got the jail time and the whole thing was written off in classic fashion as a 'robbery gone wrong'.

Others have an entirely different explanation: that many powerful members of the corrections service in Oregon were involved in some very rum business, including large scale drug dealing and sexual improprieties. Francke, in this version of events, was close to exposing this corruption and so he was murdered.

There's a lot of compelling evidence that this was a true conspiracy. Light on the ancient aliens and pyramids on dollar bills but a conspiracy nonetheless: a secret group of powerful individuals manipulating events behind the scenes to achieve their desired outcome.

Wikipedia gives a good overview of the case:

For a more in depth look, here is the podcast I mentioned.