The Witching-Other: Explorations and Meditations on the Existential Witch

Peter Giles

Fresh Blood
Mar 23, 2018
Based on an esoteric hermeneutic and phenomenological approach The Witching-Other provides a voice to those empty spaces within occult narratives. In particular the book is interested in discussing our notion of presence and absence, and perhaps there are no better cases of this than when discussing witchcraft and in particular the witch as icon.

Peter Hamilton-Giles’ The Witching-Other concentrates on how witchcraft, and in particular the archetypal Witch, are used as conduits for understanding that which remains remote to us. Historical records and the workings of practitioners are inordinately connected to what is available, what can be grasped and what can be appropriated. This book contends that what we read, see, experience only takes us so far when trying to comprehend the witch. That there is something else dwelling beyond the veil, an Otherness compelling us to approach the witch with an already pre-scribed fascination. Accordingly, the witching-other appears as the absence of what is considered to be present. Commonly associated with silences contained within the narrative, or the lack in descriptive quality, the witch appears to become something more than the category to which she or he has been assigned.

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