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timeslip/different era recordings?



Recently, i acquired a digital recorder, with which i wanted to record notes and comments on. At my aunts house ( reportedly haunted according to my eccentric uncle ), i put it into further use by hoping to catch some paranormal phenomena. All recordings were upstairs. I happened to be in luck that day and here is what happened:

The first time, I put the recorder upstairs, because i did not want interference from the people downstairs. I set the recorder going and left and returned later to retrieve it. bear in mind that nobody knew i was doing this and the likliness of tampering or hoax is minimal. I played the recording back, it was 12 seconds long because it was set to VCVA, meaning it only recorded when a noise was made. I heard a scruffle of noise and then heard one word in a deep voice which sounded like 'Go' or 'Goat'. Set aback i headed downstairs quickly i can assure you, and told my aunt, who owns the house. By this time i had attracted the attention of the children and i had about 7 people surrounding me. The dog was also there ( ruby ). as soon as the recording started the dog barked continuosly and it startled us all. The dog begand running and barkling and had to be taken out from the landing. My aunt beleived me, and she said my uncle had always heard voices upstairs. I tried to think rationally, and decided to try it again. I didnt realise how much success i was to have.

The second time my aunt went up with me. I have 5 aunts and this one was not the owner of the house. We decided to place the recorder in a roo that was constantly cold. I checked for draughts, there two small ones but draughts were common in this house and the rest of the place was very warm indeed. It did not seem to fit. We left the recorder again for about 5 minutes and returned. on this recording we heard a thump and the certain noise u get when somehting wooden or similar is dragged on a tile floor. This alone was odd, but one fact made it even more strange, the room in which the recorder was left was carpeted. This really took my breath away. The sound wasnt distant either, it was very loud and sounded as if it were most defintley in the room. We ruled out any other noise, and just the plain fact nobody had been upstairs, and there were just no tiles in the room!

The third and fourth time we tried a microphone but had no results with this and decided to tyr it another oom without the microphone and agin we had nothing. The 6th time we placed it in an en - suite bathroom coming from a spare bedroom. We kleft it for 5 minutes again and returned to find anohte rbang and a pinging noise, like a screw or bolt off a pipe. I checked the inks and the bath, and found no loose parts or open pipes ( oher than the taps ). Thisd aslo perplexed me. I decided to stop after this one due to the fact nobody wanted to go upstairs with me!

Throughout these events, i tried to think rationally, but honest to god, nobody could give a good enough explanation to explain what happened. I understand E.V.P. , but the recorder only starts to record when a noise is made. This however does not account for the second and third successful recordings, as E.V.P. is not usually heard until after the recording is played back. These noises though, sounded as if they were actually there.

I hope anybody can shed any light onto this matter. The second recording seems as though that room may have been tiled many years ago, which could mean some sort of timeslip took place. The house is about 500 years old and i found out afterwards we had eft the recorder in the oldest part.

Thankyou for your help in advance, sorry for all the typos and if anybody has any questions on certain details i can help.


Yeh of course i would put the recordings online if you were to give me instructions.