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Whistling ghost.

Pete Younger

Venerable and Missed
Jul 31, 2001
Not sure what to make of this, but we seem to have a whistling ghost in our new house, we moved to the new place in the country a few months ago, every now and then we hear someone whistling, it always seems to be in the next room, you know slightly distant and it seems to always be forties tunes, it's a detatched house, no chance of sounds from next door, now I have asked the neighbours about the history of the house which is twenty years old and they tell me that no one has died in the house but I have since discovered that it is built on the site of a ww2 air force base, I know it sounds fanciful but what can I say, it's true and I cant explain it.
Are there any other manifestations, pete, or just the whistling?

There seem to be a lot of ghosts associated with RAF bases.

Do any of the neighbours hear/see/feel anything?

Is your house on the site of any of the old airfield buildings?

Sounds interesting. Have you tried leaving a tape recorder running,

If we could identify the songs, we should be able to get the year! :)
Well I did tell my nearest neighbor about it but he just laughed and whistled the twilight zone theme tune, as for the buildings that were here, not sure how to find out.
You could perhaps try googling the name of the air base or look on old maps. Or is there perhaps an RAFA near you?

James Whitehead said:
Sounds interesting. Have you tried leaving a tape recorder running,

If we could identify the songs, we should be able to get the year! :)

Good idea James I'll give it a go, the last time was two days ago about 11.45 pm and it was sentimental journey.
Sentimental Journey dates originally from 1944 but it had various
revivals by Doris Day and others in the fifties and sixties.

It might be harder to name the tunes which had a much shorter
lifespan and could date the ghostie more precisely.

Just when I thought I had a date-that-ghost method! :rolleyes:
My son heard the whistling a few nights ago, the tune meant nothing to him, but when he whistled it, it sounded like blue skies.
Something I could never explain involved whistling...
I used to live in Darlington while was at Teesside Uni. One night me and a pal had been out to stylish nightspot Mardi Gras, he pulled some bird and we were walking her back to her's. After dropping her off we headed back to our house.
I forget the street name but it was a turning off the main road out of Darlington. Past the hospital heading towards Cockerton.
Anyway, there was a house there that supposedly had been the scene of a gruesome murder the year before. We were stood opposite it larking about and saying imagine if a freaky ghost woman came out and chased us. Literally straight away we heard a loud whistling like someone...blowing a whistle. This was 2am ish and no-one was around.
Like the pussies we are we legged it down the street to safety before pausing. Almost imediately we heard the whistle again, again coming from directly opposite where we were. No-one else was around and no-one could have possibly got to the other end of the street quicker than us to be blowing a whistle so close to us.
We ran again all the way back to our house and raised our other flatmate for a late-night investigation. We got back to the scene and there was no-one around bar two teenage girls, stood at their gate silently like some kind of Village of the Damned ausitionee's. They said nothing but watched us as we wandered past down to the 'murder house'.
My mates had a snoop around while I kept watch before we headed home, past the two staring girls.
We eventually gave up and headed home.
In the light of day we assumed it must have been the girls we saw who had been blowing whistles at us. How they got from one end of a street to the other quicker than us (running at full speed) to be blowing the whistles is totally beyond me though.