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World Records (Miscellaneous)

Golden retriever enters record books for most tennis balls in his mouth

Golden retriever Finley made his parents very proud after breaking the world record for holding the most tennis balls in his mouth at once.
The seven-year-old superstar managed to fit and hold an astonishing six balls between his teeth.

The adorable winner, who lives with his family in Ontario, Canada, started picking up multiple tennis balls on his own when he was about two-years-old.

In the following years, he worked his way up to five, and then to six.

Finley’s title was previously held by another golden retriever called Augie, whose record of five tennis balls stood for 17 years.
It seems Guinness hadn't established guidelines, much less awarded any record, for individual pub crawls. This UK man has now submitted the evidence to be recognized as the first record holder for most pubs visited (with minimum drink requirement at each pub) in a 24-hour span.
British man visits 51 pubs in 24 hours for Guinness World Record

A British man's pub crawl may have set a new Guinness World Record when he visited 51 bars in 24 hours.

Matt Ellis of St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, England, said Guinness officials told him there is currently no world record for most pubs visited in 12 hours by an individual, so the record-keeping agency set the goal to originate the record at 50. ...

Ellis said he was required to have witnesses with him at each stop and consume at least 4.2 ounces of any beverage at each establishment.

The pub fan said he visited a total 51 businesses in 8 hours, 52 minutes and 37 seconds.

Evidence from Ellis' pub crawl has been submitted to Guinness World Records for official certification.

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A Canadian man has been recognized by the Guinness folks as having the largest collection of soft drink cans for a single brand (Coca-Cola).
Canadian Coke fan collects 11,308 different cans for Guinness World Record

A Canadian Coca-Cola fan earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records by collecting 11,308 different cans issued by the soft drink company.

Gary Feng was named the Guinness World Record holder for the largest collection of soft drink cans (same brand) when his collection was tallied and verified to be more extensive than the previous record-holder, Italian man Davide Andreani, whose collection includes 10,558 different Coke cans. ...

Feng's collection includes a 1955 can that was one of the first to be produced by the company, as well as commemorative cans from multiple decades of Olympic Games -- including an ultra-rare can designed for the 2016 Chicago Olympics, which never took place due to Rio de Janeiro winning the bid to host.

The collection also features cans that were specially designed for drinking in zero gravity for the 1985 Challenger space shuttle mission and a 1991 expedition to the Russian space station Mir. ...
FULL STORY: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2021/1...cords-Coca-Cola-can-collection/1151634069062/
Guinness has certified this massive item as the world's largest pocket knife. It's not just a sculpture. Guinness' rules require that the knife be fully functional.

Kentucky store earns Guinness record for world's largest pocket knife

A 34-foot, 6-inch folding knife created in Kentucky was certified by Guinness World Records as the world's largest pocket knife.

The knife, installed outside Red Hill Cutlery in Radcliff, the home of the Kentucky Museum of American Pocket Knives, was confirmed as the world's largest pocket knife by Guinness, and a ceremony was held Wednesday to commemorate the achievement. ...

Jason Basham, co-owner of Red Hill Cutlery and the mastermind behind the record attempt, said the hope is that the world's largest pocket knife will serve as a tourist attraction for the museum and the town.

Red Hill Cutlery said the blade alone weighs about 1,500 pounds.

Guinness World Records said the rules required that the folding knife be fully functional. ...
FULL STORY: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2021/10/14/Guinness-World-Records-largest-pocket-knife/4941634231454/
Guinness has certified this massive item as the world's largest pocket knife. It's not just a sculpture. Guinness' rules require that the knife be fully functional.

FULL STORY: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2021/10/14/Guinness-World-Records-largest-pocket-knife/4941634231454/

Up until the mid 1990s they didn't list the largest knife, they listed the one with the most blades.
Which was the famous(?) Year Knife, manufactured by Joseph Rodgers in 1822 including 1822 blades. This article is very positive about its years when it was owned by Stanley, but GBR listed it as having 1973 blades into the 1990s saying they had run out of space to add any more. They obviously found space when they did the major refurbishment and renaming as the Stanley Millennium Year Knife.
This fellow has now claimed the Guinness World Record for most straitjacket escapes in an 8-hour period.
Illusionist escapes straitjacket 300 times in eight hours

A professional illusionist broke a Guinness World Record at a Georgia theme park when he completed 300 straitjacket escapes in eight hours.

Jackson Rayne took to a stage at Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta and performed the feat that broke the record. ...

Rayne was aiming to beat the previous Guinness World Record of 193 escapes, which was set by James Peters in Britain in 2003. ...
FULL STORY: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2021/1...s-straitjacket-escapes-8-hours/1441636133301/

This giant-scale, fully functional Atari-style joystick has been cited by Guinness as the world's largest.
Game on: 9-foot video game joystick on record as largest

A 9-foot-tall (2.7-meter-tall) video game joystick made of wood, rubber and steel has made it into the Guinness World Records 2022 as the largest.

Dartmouth College professor Mary Flanagan created the giant controller — nearly 14 times the size of an original classic Atari controller — in 2006 to celebrate her childhood experience of “maniacally” playing Atari 2600 video games.

She also wanted to see what it would be like when a single-player experience becomes collaborative: It takes at least two people to operate the joystick and push the button to play classic Atari games such as “Centipede” and “Breakout.” ...

The joystick, which toured Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States, is now part of the permanent collection of ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany.
FULL STORY: https://apnews.com/article/oddities...-video-games-486b4e692ef62a46cb19a21091ccd838
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As you do when confronted with a Hot air Balloon.

(Do the French still call them Mongolfiers??)
Musical March MakesHistory

Thousands of Venezuelan musicians, most of them youngsters, have earned the title of the world’s largest orchestra.

Guinness World Records announced the 8,573 musicians, all connected to the country’s network of youth orchestras, earned the designation with a performance a week earlier of Tchaikovsky’s Slavonic March.

The musicians, ranging in age from 12 to 77, attempted the record during a patriotic concert at a military academy in the capital of Caracas. To set the record, more than 8,097 had to be tallied playing at the same time during a five-minute period of Tchaikovsky’s piece.

If at first you don't succeed, try again ... Giving up on the idea of setting the world record for a 100-meter dash while juggling and blindfolded never seemed to be an option for this guy ...
Man runs 100-meter dash while juggling blindfolded for world record

An Idaho man said it took him four years of attempts before he was finally able to break the Guinness World Record for fastest 100-meter dash while juggling blindfolded.

David Rush, who has broken more than 200 Guinness records to promote STEM education, said the 100-meter (328-foot) record was more difficult than his other running while juggling blindfolded records because Guinness required him to remain in his 48-inch lane for the entire run. ...

Rush said he finally succeeded after 22 failed attempts, setting the record at 16.29 seconds.
SOURCE (With Video): https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2021/1...100m-dash-juggling-blindfolded/1801637605419/
A Turkish man has been certified by Guinness as having the world's longest nose.


Turkish man's 3.46-inch nose earns Guinness World Records title

The Turkish man who was verified by Guinness World Records as having the longest nose on a living person said his supersized schnoz gives him an enhanced sense of smell.

Mehmet Ozyurek, whose nose was officially measured at 3.46 inches from the bridge to the tip, said his large proboscis was the cause of mockery when he was a child, but he came to see it as a benefit. ...

"God made me like this, there is nothing that can be done in this situation. I learned to live in peace with my physique."

Ozyurek said he discovered his nose gave him unexpected benefits, including an enhanced sense of smell.

"I say, 'There is a smell here.' Other people say 'We don't smell that smell.' I say, 'You may not smell it but I can,'" Ozyurek said. ...

Ozyurek said he can also do some party tricks, such as inflating a balloon with his nostrils. ...

Guinness said it does not have a confirmed record for the longest nose ever, but Thomas Wedders, a circus performer who lived in England in the 1770s, allegedly had a nose that measured 7.5 inches long.
SOURCE: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2021/1...ld-Records-longest-nose-living/3331638294550/
In case you've wondered ... The Guinness record for the loudest (human) burp or belch was recently increased for the first time in a decade by an Australian man.
Australian man breaks Guinness record with world's loudest burp

An Australian man broke a decade-old Guinness World Record when he let out a burp measured at 112.4 decibels.

Neville Sharp, of Darwin, Northern Territory, said his wife encouraged him to go for the record, and he spent five years preparing by honing the strength and noise level of his belches. ...

Sharp said the most difficult part of the record was gathering the proper equipment to accurately measure the volume of his emissions.

Sharp's record-breaking burp broke the record of 109.9 decibels, which was set in 2009 by Paul Hunn of Britain. ...
FULL STORY: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2021/12/01/australia-Guinness-World-Records-loudest-burp/5381638384804/
Its a fine nose and suits him far more than a small one would.
In a project to promote appliance recycling, a UK electronics retailer has created a world record pyramid composed of washing machines.
44-foot pyramid of washing machines breaks Guinness World Record

A British company raised awareness of electronics recycling and broke a Guinness World Record by assembling 1,496 recycled washing machines into a gigantic pyramid.

Guinness World Records said Currys PC World earned the record for largest washing machine pyramid when it arranged the appliances into a pyramid measuring 44 feet and 7 inches tall. ...

The pyramid's square base, composed of 256 washing machines, measures 31 feet, 7.5 inches on each side. ...
FULL STORY: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2021/1...ecords-washing-machine-pyramid/4961638466376/
No aliens - ancient or contemporary - were involve in building the washing machine pyramid. I kinda wish they could leave it to baffle future generations, but recycling the entire lot is probably a better idea.
washing machine pyramid_tcm25-683976.jpg
Currys create world's largest washing machine pyramid

Recent research by electronics retailer Currys PC World (UK) revealed that around 68% of Brits are confused about where and how to dispose of their tech, despite local councils, services and retailers offering free collection and drop-off services.

To make a sticking point, the company set the first record for the largest washing machine pyramid during National Recycling Week in September 2021. ...

All washing machines used as part of the installation will be recycled.
I'm not sure this is a record worth attempting:

Indian Man Smashes Strange Record by Staring at the Sun for an Hour​

An Indian man recently set a strange record in his country by staring at the sun for full hour without blinking. According to a local media report, a retired government worker named MS Verma pulled off the remarkable feat late last month in the city of Mathura. Before an audience of reporters, doctors, and even some dignitaries, the man casually sat back in a chair with his unwavering gaze fixed upon the sun for a staggering sixty minutes. Verma was subsequently examined by a medical professional who determined that his vision was perfectly fine despite the man having stared down the sun with his naked eyes for an hour.
Im not sure this is advisable, and the GBoR would never have encouraged it in the past.
Im not sure this is advisable, and the GBoR would never have encouraged it in the past.

The report isn't clear about whether GWR were consulted before the attempt. I suspect not as they are unlikely to accept it.

I thought GWR had a general ban on categories that are likely to cause injury, but could only find
"Guinness World Records will not monitor any records involving unsuitable activities or those which could cause potential harm or danger to spectators." So rather unhelpfully it depends what they consider to be 'unsuitable'.

However the list of specific records they won't consider includes "Blinking- never / most in 1 minute: we are unable to monitor this as a Guinness World Records title" seems to cover this attempt.

Consider this head-balancing activity performed while climbing steps ...


How many steps would you guess it would take to set a world's record, and how long would it take to complete the attempt?

The time required for the latest record (53 seconds) might not seem surprising. However, I'd bet you didn't think the number of steps climbed in that timespan would be as great as 100.
Brothers reclaim record for climbing stairs with one balanced on other's head

A pair of Vietnamese acrobats reclaimed a Guinness World Record when one of them climbed 100 stairs outside a Spanish cathedral with the other balanced on his head.

Circus-performing brothers Giang Quoc Co, 37, and Giang Quoc Nghiep, 32, climbed 100 stairs outside St. Mary's Cathedral in Girona, breaking the Guinness World Record for most consecutive stairs climbed while balancing a person on the head. ...

The brothers said event organizers had to build 10 additional stairs for the event, as the cathedral only has 90. ...

The brothers accomplished the feat in only 53 seconds.

The Giangs previously set the same record in 2016, when they climbed the same cathedral's 90 stairs. Their record was broken in 2018, when Peruvian acrobats Pablo Nonato Panduro and Joel Yaicate Saavedra scaled 91 stairs.
FULL STORY: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2021/1...ts-climb-stairs-balancing-head/5231640378623/
Guinness has certified a British family's six sons and daughters as the largest set of albino siblings in the world.
British family earns Guinness World Record for most albino siblings

A British family of six brothers and sisters with albinism was awarded a Guinness World Record in the category of most albino siblings.

Coventry, England, residents Naseem Akhtar, Ghulam Ali, Haider Ali, Muqadas Bibi, Musarat Begum and Mohammed Rafi received the title after Guinness World Records confirmed all six siblings were born with albinism ...

Naseem Akhtar, whose parents also have albinism, said she decided to apply for the record to celebrate the family being reunited after several months apart during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Over time, I have now come to like my condition because it makes me very unique. Being Asian but being white, it gives me a unique outlook on life, it gives me a very unbiased opinion of society and humanity" ...
SOURCE (With Family Photo): https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2021/12/30/Guinness-World-Records-most-albino-siblings/4521640887463/
Guinness has certified this champagne glass pyramid erected in Dubai as the largest ever.
Champagne glass pyramid breaks Guinness record in Dubai

A Dubai hotel celebrated the new year by breaking a Guinness World Record with a champagne pyramid composed of 54,740 glasses of bubbly.

Officials at Dubai hotel Atlantis, The Palm, said it took five days to stack the 54,740 coupe glasses filled with Moet & Chandon champagne into a pyramid that measured more than 27 feet high. ...

The resulting beverage stack earned the Guinness World Record for largest drinking glass pyramid, beating the previous record of 50,116 glasses, which was set in 2017 in Madrid. ...
FULL STORY: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2022/0...lass-pyramid-Atlantis-The-Palm/9441641406971/
There's a new Guinness record-holder for largest ball of human hair. A hairball assembled by an Ohio salon owner and donated to Ripley's took on a second burst of growth after new donations were solicited at a comic-con and other additions were sent in via mail.
Ball of human hair weighing 225 lbs breaks record

This colossal hairball, named Hoss, was created by Steve Warden (USA).

Hoss weighs a hefty 102.12 kg (225.13 lbs) and holds the record for the largest ball of human hair, beating the previous record by over 25 kg (55 lbs). ...

The previous record, which stood for over 13 years, was held by barber Henry Coffer (USA) from Charleston, Missouri, who passed away on 2 March 2014.

His ball of human hair weighed 167 lb (75.7 kg), was 4 ft (1.2 m) high and had a 14-ft (4.26-m) circumference. ...
FULL STORY (With Video): https://guinnessworldrecords.com/ne...an-hair-weighing-225-lbs-breaks-record-688165