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animal attacks

  1. Mikefule

    Orcas / Killer Whales Ramming Yachts / Sailboats

    A rare and Fortean sighting indeed: a science article from the BBC which is detailed, well written, balanced, looks at the likely causes and consequences, and doesn't trivialise or sensationalise! The story is of Orcas/killer whales following and repeatedly head butting yachts and fishing...
  2. lordmongrove

    Wazzock Tries To Kiss Nurse Shark With Predictable Results

    Up until this video was shot, Florida diver Dave Marcel had an interesting habit when he encountered sharks. According to Animal Planet, he enjoyed flipping them over, then kissing and rubbing their stomachs. But when he decided to get a little friendlier and kiss a nurse shark on the lips, his...
  3. C


    Einstein said no bees no food, check this out http://observer.guardian.co.uk/print/0% ... %2C00.html quote Beloved by Britons, the humble honey bee is hailed as a reassuring symbol of summer. But disease has almost wiped out the wild population and threatens domestic swarms. Science...
  4. ramonmercado

    Shark Attacks

    Edit to amend title.
  5. escargot

    Attacks By Seagulls

    This was on R4 just now. One woman interviewed won't leave her house without carrying a broom to beat off aggressive seagulls and newspaper deliveries have ceased as the kids are too scared of being pecked as they ride along. Residents of the seaside town of Monkseaton have become terrified...
  6. M

    When Dogs Attack

    Dog rapes man: Man rapes dog (or at least tries to) and gets mauled: http://news.com.au/common/story_page/0,4057,8579692^13762,00.html I think for the betterment of mankind the dog should hve bitten his nuts off ;) Emps
  7. escargot

    Crocodile Attacks

    Croc attack :eek!!!!:
  8. A

    Cries In The Dark: Dingo Attacks

    Skull find could be missing Briton's I remember seeing the story of this disappearance in FT - maybe he just showed up: Police in Australia are trying to identify a human skull found on a popular tourist island amid speculation it could be the remains of a tourist from London who disappeared...
  9. P

    Day Of The Humans: Tales Of Beast Vs Man (And Man Prevails...)

    Man falls to his death: dog arrested Story here. Police in the Taiwanese county of Ilan arrested a dog on Sunday in connection with the death of an 85-year-old man, who died after falling off a hospital bed recently. The man, identified only as Lin, was treated for a bite wound on his...
  10. JamesWhitehead

    Aggressive & Destructive Squirrels

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,3604,835154,00.html Flesh-eating squirrel stalks streets of Knutsford Rebecca Allison Thursday November 7, 2002 The Guardian Householders in Knutsford, Cheshire, are being plagued by the unlikeliest of foes - a vicious grey squirrel with a...
  11. ninja_cat

    Day Of The Animals: Tales Of Man Vs Beast (And Man Suffers)

    lizards eat owner Maybe David Icke is right? Just read this in the Metro(London) Fri 18th 2002 Lizards Devour Their Dead Owner. Pet lizards were forund feasting on the corpse of a man in his apartment. Ronald Huff's relatives called Police because he had failed to go to work. Officers...