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  1. MrRING

    Bovine Blast Obliterates 18,000 Cows

  2. blessmycottonsocks

    Are Aurochs Almost Back From Extinction?

    The last genuine aurochs (Bos primigenius), considered to be the larger and far more muscular wild ancestor of modern domestic cattle, died in eastern Europe in the 17th century. The Tauros Programme, founded in The Netherlands in 2008, has successfully back-bred several large and robust cattle...
  3. rynner2

    The Nazi Aurochs Breeding Project (Heck Cattle)

    Devon farmer forced to kill 'Nazi' cows because they are too aggressive Derek Gow killed more than half his herd because they could not be handled Derek Gow with his 'Nazi' cattle Photo: SWNS.com By Victoria Ward 11:28AM GMT 05 Jan 2015 A farmer has been forced to cut down Britain's only...
  4. ramonmercado