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  1. Tunn11

    What New Forteana Will Be Around In Ten Years?

    This is a sort of follow on from the Fortean nostalgia thread, but as it is veering off topic I thought it worth a new thread, even if clumsily titled.. Mods if you disagree please move. The basis of my question is, are there any new Fortean topics or pieces of evidence from the last ten years...
  2. GNC

    Is Fortean Nostalgia A Reality?

    Reading the All Colours Sam thread in Ufology, I was struck that you just don't get Fortean reports like that now, or if you do, it's something someone's invented on Reddit or for Creepypasta (is that still a thing?). Is that the attraction of these old cases, a kind of nostalgia for the times...
  3. Kondoru

    Blogging About Forteana In A Respectful Way

    (Mods; feel free to move if you feel this is not the right place) I want to blog on local Forteana but in a scholarly way; there's too much junk online and I am trying to make an academic name for myself Which does not mean I cant do Forteana! What do you suggest? Any good examples?
  4. eziofan

    50 Years Of Forteana (Well, Nearly)

    While thumbing through some early back issues of FT recently it occurred to me that 2023 will be the 50th anniversary of The News/FT. This got me thinking about what has happened to Forteana over this period. This is bound to be a contentious post as everyone will have their own views on...
  5. Robbrent


    Has anyone else noticed the degree of Ambiguity in Fortean phenomena? I was thinking about this on the past lives regression thread, often the stories are just nearly right, and so it seems with channelled material as the late Joe Fisher found out, but it goes further even communication from so...
  6. Zeke Newbold

    Is There Anything You've Grown LESS Sceptical Of?

    For me there does seems to be a direct correlation between scepticism (concerning Fortean matters) and the ageing process. To spell it out: I find myself becoming more doubtful about claims of the extraordinary the older I get. I suppose it's an equivalent of the old canard about people...
  7. lordmongrove

    Strangest Of The Strange

    On the back of my recent article on the weirdest ghosts in ft I've been asked to write a book on the very strangest cases involving monsters, ghosts and UFO. I have a fair collection but any suggestions of cases of high strangeness or obscurity would be welcome. Personal accounts are welcome too.
  8. JamesWhitehead

    Out Of Fortean Fashion

    I thought that we had a thread already on the way Fortean topics come into vogue for a while and then sink. I can't find one. It is not always easy to identify a lack of something. Google does not help - its new format seems to avoid any statistics on the results page. The topic I had in mind...
  9. MrRING

    These Things Don't Happen Much Anymore

    I was watching an episode of Seargent Cribb that involves seances and materialization and got to thinking how certain kinds of paranormal/fortean phenomenon seem to fall out of favor with society. These days, we don't have many materializations in seances (or even many seances, period). We...
  10. Spudrick68

    Fortean Travel

    Please move this if there is a similar thread. I just wondered about places that people had visited of Fortean interest perhaps to share their experiences of such places. We went to Parga a few years ago and loved it (we are going back this May). I thought I'd share a few photos of places of...
  11. lordmongrove

    Fortean Times: The Album

    The Fortean Times Concept Album Abominable Snowman in the Market Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers Star Man David Bowie Ghosts Japan Ra-Ra-Rsputin Boney M Eight wonder Lemon Demon (about Gef the talking mongoose) Wildman Kate Bush Devil in the Woods Death Party...
  12. G

    What's The Most Boring Fortean Subject?

    ok, so some subjects really irk me. do you get the same feeling? (dreams may be interesting only if shared, as in the fascinating dummy/milk thread. but that's an exception). and sorry, i don't want to be mean to anybody.
  13. J

    What Was Your First Interest In Fortean Topics?

    All the postings on the Childhood Terrors thread (https://forums.forteana.org/index.php?threads/childish-terrors.131/) got me thinking about how people first developed an interest in all this stuff. In my case, growing up in the 70s, it was a mixture of things: 1: My dad loved (and still loves)...
  14. S

    Fortean Podcasts

    Hi all Was wondering if anyone had any decent fortean podcasts they can recommend? I'm a big fan of hometown tales, check em out at www.hometowntales.com and available through itunes. Anyone got any others?
  15. F

    Project: Fortean Categories & Articles On Wikipedia

    I assume I'm not the first, but I've decided to tackle all the various Fortean articles on Wikipedia. Well, perhaps decide is a bit generous -- I got addicted to the platform and after making a few edits, moving things here and there, creating a new Fortean stub, and looking at category...
  16. A

    The Curse Of Most Haunted: Ghost To Become The Next Big Thing

    My prediction for 2005: Ghostly hauntings are the new UFOs. Ghosts certainly seem to be the current thing again right now. Good news for publishers and the bogus investigators eh! Especially since the bottom fell out of the UFO abductee market (you can't give that stuff away anymore)...
  17. J

    What Is Forteana? (Bob Rickard's 'The Fortean Scope')

    I got this by e-mailing the forteana mailing list at [email protected] : Bob Rickard, editor of the "Fortean Times" offers this introduction to forteana : "THE FORTEAN SCOPE Part of the difficulty in defining the word 'Fortean' is that it can mean different things to different...
  18. E

    Which Fortean Phenomena Scares You The Most?

    Am I the only person slightly scared of Mothman?! He still gives me the creeps, but I think that's a throwback to the days when I was a kid and I used to get all those "earths great mysteries and ghosts" type books from the library. I swear that at five and six you're not quite old enough to...