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  1. EnolaGaia

    Mock Funerals As Therapy / Personal Development Procedures

    This story tweaked my WTF-meter ... A new business in Moscow offers clients the opportunity to experience their own mock funerals as a form of personal enlightenment / rejuvenation / therapy. Bonus: Spring for the top-tier experience of being buried for an hour, and you can keep your coffin...
  2. 王泥喜法介

    A Puppet Without An Ear

    At Chinese funerals, sometimes a pair of puppets was buried with the dead, and this story is about this. I am not sure whether you have an impression of this or not. But for readers of "Dragon Ball", it is not strange because Chiaotsu takes his shape from the male puppet. Another photo below is...
  3. Swifty

    Funeral Fails & Foul-Ups (Not IHTM)

    Apologies if this is old news because the link is over a year old so has possibly has been posted already (although it's new to me) ... it seem our very own Fortean Times Rev Lionel Fanthorpe was left red faced while conducting a funeral service when a pornographic video was put on by someone by...
  4. JamesWhitehead

    Funeral Strangeness (IHTM)

    Of Phones and Funerals . . . The requiem mass for my late Uncle a few days ago had a moment of high solemnity as the coffin was sprinkled with holy water and fumigated with incense. The silence was rudely interrupted by a mobile phone blaring out the opening of the Mozart 40th. The owner...
  5. escargot

    How I Would Like My Own Funeral

    We had a thread on this but I can't find it. Or if it's still around, how about bumping it? Anyway, I'm not having a funeral. No need. I'll be dead. Instead, I wish to be cremated with no ceremony whatsoever and then my ashes are to be scattered along a beach with those of another beloved...
  6. rynner2

    Attending Strangers' Funerals: Crashers; Voluntary Mourners; Etc.

    'Grim eater' banned from funerals A fake mourner dubbed "the Grim Eater", who gatecrashed funerals just to eat the food on offer, has been warned off by undertakers in New Zealand. By Paul Chapman in Wellington Published: 7:00AM BST 03 Jun 2010 The man attended up to four funerals a...
  7. escargot

    Modern Funeral Customs

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/4417760.stm I like this bit - There are also reports of decidedly un-funereal music. Any other new customs?
  8. A

    Cheeky / Unusual Funerals & Interments

    Putting the fun back into funerals. http://www.cheekyfunerals.com/ Link is dead. No archived version located. - EnolaGaia, August 2018