1. Vardoger

    The Mandela Effect: False Memory

    The Berenstein-Berenstain conspiracy theories are entertaining. I found two versions of the same image. My guess is, the ---stein image is faked.
  2. ramonmercado

    Sleep's Functional Value: Memory

  3. A


    British Amnesiac found in Greece A British woman found by Greek authorities on the streets of Athens suffering complete memory loss has appealed for her family to come forward. The woman, who has given herself the name Jezebel Blythe, has arrived back in the UK after spending over a year...
  4. Glensheen'sGirl~

    Earliest Memories

    I too avoid mirrors when it's dark. The shadowy look of things causes the light etc. to play tricks on my eyes and it always freaks me out. Playing "Bloody Mary" with my cousins as a kid probably didn't help either... :cross eye