1. O

    Mirror Superstitions & Superstitious Rituals

    Mirrors One of the folk-belief reasons given for covering mirrors with crepe during the days of home funerals was that if a coffin got reflected in a mirror it would get "stuck" there and remain there always and you could never ever get it removed ("And they even tried Bon Ami!"), outing...
  2. lopaka

    The Psychomanteum (Scrying Environment)

    I was sort-of watching an X-Files rerun last night (the source of of too many of my *facts* about fortean phenomena? :oops: ) and Mulder stared talking about 'psychomantiums', rooms in Victorian-era homes that were mirrored to faciltate spirit communication. A google turns up references to the...
  3. B

    The Mirror

    I think the mirror has become significant in folklore as a natural progression from celtic lore where the boundary between air and water represents the joining point of the material and the spirit world. Pools and lakes held sacred signicance for early celts, and the fracturing of the...
  4. A

    Midnight / Candle / Mirror Myth & Bloody Mary Game

    Interestingly, mirrors have been used for a long time for magical ends. Most recently a magical group known as the Order of Astarte used a mixture of mirrors and hypnotism to 'evoke demons' (which they see as aspects of our unconscious minds). If I remember correctly there is a practice in India...