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noah's ark

  1. James_H

    Biblical Flood / Noah's Ark: The Animals Manifest

    'Unicorns' are mentioned a few times in the Bible because early translators were not sure how to translate the Hebrew word 'Re'em' - nowadays it's thought to refer to a kind of aurochs. Though it would be more fun if Noah had a couple of unicorns on his ark.
  2. kamalktk

    Noah's Ark Crashes Into Coast Guard Vessel (Norway; 2016)

    No animals were hurt. gcaptain.com/noahs-ark-crashes-into-coast-guard-vessel-you-read-that-right ------------------------------------------ A 230-foot long replica of Noah’s Ark collided with a Norwegian Coast Guard vessel as it arrived in Oslo, Norway on Friday, causing damage to both ships...
  3. rynner2

    History Rewritten: Myths Busted & New Truths Uncovered

    http/tinyurl.com/yqr5sy (Mod Edit: Original link is broken. Archived version found via The Wayback Machine here: https://web.archive.org/web/20090130100439/https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/1545177/Caravaggio-was-actually-Merisi-of-Milan.html) rynner the ubiquitous
  4. A

    Noah's Ark: The Vessel (Feasibility; Resting Place; Remains)

    I was just reading the God's Archaeologist article in the most recent F.T. I seem to remember a t.v. program on cable last year (probably the discovert channel, but i'm not sure) that featured not only the Ron Wyatt "ark" but another possible ark sighting. I believe it was in a glacier on...