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photoshop or not?

  1. C.O.T.

    Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Art

    Hi, bring here some that sure that will make this wekend a lot more fun. It's about the new AI image generation software that has been released this last months. It consist on a different approaches of neural networks that have been trained to draw new images. They do it after the "brain" has...
  2. Paul_Exeter

    Interview: Pilot David Hastings's Mojave UFO Photo [1985]

    Definitely one of the better photographic evidence cases:
  3. Damien

    Welsh River Deity

    I was looking through a copy of FT earlier and came across the incident with Dave Newman who took the photo in the river Ystwyth of the water deity. Does anyone have any follow-up on this article, can't find anything online (so far) was this just another Halloween prank? (Article excerpt from...
  4. V

    Faked (But Good) Ghost Pics

    Since it is almost Halloween, I thought I'd start a thread about fake and/or photoshopped ghost pics for fun. The only one I have right now is down with a slow-exposure rather than photoshop. I call it (very unoriginally ;) ), "The Cryptkeeper". You really need to see it slightly large to...
  5. T

    Chigeon? Pigken? Photoshop? The English Pouter!

    Link unrecoverable, animal identified below Now that's some weird creature. My head says its been 'shopped, my gut says real - however impossible that may be. It's the noise it makes. Truly sinister. Wadd'ya all reckon? obviously move merge mods if ive repeated someone else's groove...
  6. MrRING

    Excessive Plastic Surgery: Real, Fake & Urban Legends

    There is a funny site to visit called AWFUL PLASTIC SURGERY that proports to showcase bad (and some good) plastic surgery. Some of it's funny and accurate, and as obvious as the Michael Jackson plastic surgery debacle. But looking a little closer, there are some of the people who are...
  7. T

    Prague Ghost Picture

    So what do people think of the prague picture, on the FT Homepage? If you can't see what is meant to be the ghost, zoom in on the fuzzy white cross shape in the middle of the bottom section of the picture above the pews, that I think is supposed to be the shield. I looked at it using...
  8. A

    Miscellaneous Ghost Photos & Videos

    Just to mop up the proliferation of small or one-post threads.